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Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide: 10 Hacks To Stay Alive This Year


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On January 12, Facebook declared organic post reach dead for pages.

It’s time to seriously re-think our Facebook and social media strategy. Big time.

In our webinar with Larry Kim, he will highlight the top 10 strategies you must deploy this year to survive the Facebook News Feed Armageddon.

You'll learn:

What Facebook engagement loopholes still work and which ones are dead
Unusual Hacks to connect with Facebook Users without using ads or the news feed
Important new Social Media Marketing strategies for 2018 and beyond

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Facebook News Feed Armageddon Survival Guide: 10 Hacks To Stay Alive This Year

  1. 1. 10 Sneaky Loopholes to Stay Alive Larry Kim, KissMetrics Webinar January, 2018
  2. 2. #CMCa2z @larrykim Today’s Agenda:! 1. What Happened? 3. New FB Posting Tactics 5. What Does it Mean? (New Strategy) 4. Larry’s Top 5 Alternate Channels to Explore This Year 2. News Feed: Now vs. Before @larrykim @kissmetrics
  3. 3. #CMCa2z @larrykim 3 Random Facts About Larry @larrykim @kissmetrics
  4. 4. #CMCa2z @larrykim Slightly Obsessed With Unicorns Make PPC Magical Again! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  5. 5. Live in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA @larrykim @kissmetrics
  6. 6. #CMCa2z @larrykim WordStream in 2008 vs. 2017 2008 2017 @larrykim @kissmetrics
  7. 7. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  8. 8. Working on a New Venture for the Last Few months! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  9. 9. Have a 3-year old Kid (#ppckid)
  10. 10. #CMCa2z @larrykim And is it really a big deal? (Spoiler Alert: YES) Part 1: What Changed? @larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  11. 11. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  12. 12. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  13. 13. #CMCa2z @larrykim Part 2: FB News Feed Changes Now vs. Before @larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  14. 14. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  15. 15. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  16. 16. My Post FB Post Engagement Unicorn Social Updates are +10x More Engaging Than Donkey Posts 98% Go nowhere @larrykim @kissmetrics
  17. 17. “There’s more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what's in News Feed has shifted away.” @larrykim @kissmetrics
  18. 18. “Posts from friends are going to be prioritized. Page posts will be demoted.”
  19. 19. Part 3. Three New FB Posting Tactics to Try (and one to retire) @larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  20. 20. #CMCa2z @larrykim Finding the Unicorn FB Posts Among The Donkeys Spoiler Alert: Optimize for Comments @larrykim @kissmetrics
  21. 21. #CMCa2z @larrykim 9 out of 10 marketers suffer from Donkey Denial Syndrome* @larrykim @kissmetrics
  22. 22. #CMCa2z @larrykim Need an Objective Way to Discern Unicorns vs. Non-Unicorn Posts Spot The Unicorn @larrykim @kissmetrics
  23. 23. #CMCa2z @larrykim Larry’s Donkey Detector Finds Unusually Posts With Lots of Comments @larrykim @kissmetrics
  24. 24. #CMCa2z @larrykim Strategy #1: Larry’s Unicorn Detecting Pyramid Scheme 1.  Audition content on other channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) 2.  Measure the comments 3.  Kill the Donkeys 4.  Post the winners to FB Page! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  25. 25. #CMCa2z @larrykim Strategy #2: Make Unicorn Babies! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  26. 26. @larrykim @kissmetrics Post had +1000 comments and shares. HOW?
  27. 27. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim @kissmetrics Michael Stelzner told me he got hundreds of thousands of views on his video! (So I figured, I should do this, too).
  28. 28. #CMCa2z @larrykim Strategy #3: The Russian Method @larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  29. 29. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  30. 30. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  31. 31. #CMCa2z @larrykim@larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  32. 32. #CMCa2z @larrykim •  42 “Likes” •  27 shares •  20 comments •  3 page likes •  200 website clicks •  $50! @larrykim @unbounce #marketingoptweek
  33. 33. #CMCa2z @larrykim FB Says They Will Penalize This Going Forward. Warning: Stop Posting “Comment Bait” @larrykim @kissmetrics
  34. 34. #CMCa2z @larrykim Part 4: My Top New Channels to Explore in 2018 @larrykim @kissmetrics
  35. 35. @larrykim @kissmetrics #5: Facebook Groups
  36. 36. (Groups Trigger Tons of Notifications) @larrykim @kissmetrics
  37. 37. #4: Facebook Messenger @larrykim @kissmetrics
  38. 38. Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Networks Big 4 Social Networking Apps Big 4 Messaging Apps Yet only 1% of businesses can automatically engage w/ customers via messaging. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  39. 39. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  40. 40. @larrykim @kissmetrics (vs. 100M on FB) #3: Instagram Still Alive
  41. 41. @larrykim @kissmetrics #2: Facebook Ads
  42. 42. #CMCa2z @larrykim #1: Diversify Channels Twitter LinkedIn Medium YouTube @larrykim @kissmetrics
  43. 43. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  44. 44. Medium: Half-Million Views per Month! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  45. 45. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  46. 46. @larrykim @kissmetrics
  47. 47. #CMCa2z @larrykim Part 5: New Social Media Strategy! @larrykim @kissmetrics
  48. 48. #CMCa2z @larrykim What Does it All Mean? RIP Link Posts from Social @larrykim @kissmetrics
  49. 49. Website FB LinkedIn Medium Old Way: @larrykim @kissmetrics
  50. 50. FB LinkedIn Medium New Way: @larrykim @kissmetrics Website Website Website Website
  51. 51. Now Entering Unicorn-Land! “Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys” THANK YOU Thue & KissMetrics! @larrykim @kissmetrics