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Everything You Need To Know About SEO In 45 Minutes

In this webinar, Sean Work is going to try his darndest to teach you everything that you need to know about SEO in 45 minutes.

This presentation is designed for marketing teams that have beginner to intermediate knowledge of SEO.

In this webinar Sean will show you:

- Everything you need to know about what lives in your source code and why it’s important
- How to understand duplicate content and how to avoid keyword cannibalization
- Why you shouldn’t worry about backlinking so much and instead focus on content and branding

By the end of this webinar, you should have enough knowledge to build a good SEO strategy or be able to discuss your SEO campaigns with SEO professionals and be on the same page.

Since it might be challenging to fit this into a 45 minute session, there is a chance it will spill over - so make sure you have some extra time allotted!

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Everything You Need To Know About SEO In 45 Minutes

  1. Everything You Need To Know About SEO in Just 45 Minutes Sean Work
  2. Join the conversation on Twi!er @thuelmadsen #KISSwebinar
  3. Sean Work - KISSmetrics - @seanvwork ! Sean Work runs the blog at He’s been with the team since 2010. He loves working from Southern California, where he can surf, snowboard and camp under bright stars with no blankies. Today’s presenter
  4. Join the conversation on Twi!er @seanvwork #KISSwebinar
  5. What’s Going To Be Covered… 1 Know Thy Source Code! 2 Don’t Get Duped By Duplicate Content. 3 Backlinks, Content and UX.
  7. Before we begin… ! 1. This webinar covers the basics. However, it will give you a good SEO foundation and it will keep you out of trouble :). 2. Don’t bank on SEO to be the key driver for your business. 3. You can’t control Google, but you can control what goes on your site. !
  8. Know Thy Source Code! 1
  9. What source code looks like…
  10. Source code isn’t scary… ! ! It’s simply the code that web browsers “read” to figure out how to display a webpage’s contents. Google and other search engines read your source code to find out what your site is about. !
  11. How to view source code: ! ! On a PC it’s usually CTRL + U On a Mac / Chrome: View -> Developer -> View Source On Mac / Safari: Google How :) !
  12. The Title Tag ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Make sure you only have one title tag per page! !
  13. The Title Tag
  14. The Meta Description
  15. The Meta Description
  16. ! ! ! ! ! Make sure you only have one H1 heading tag per page! The H1 Heading Tag
  17. Internal Links and Anchor Text ! ! ! <a href=“h!p://”>This is a link to my website.</a> !
  18. The “Nofollow” A!ribute
  19. Image Alt Tags
  20. Image Alt Tags ! ! Don’t use alt tags for decorative images. Use them for: ! • Images of Merchandise • Diagrams • Infographics • Your Website Logo • Screenshots • Photos of Team Members
  21. ! ! ! The Canonical Tag <link rel="canonical" href="h!p://" /> !
  22. Don’t Get Duped By Duplicate Content 2
  23. Duplicate content isn’t a penalty. ! ! ! ! It’s just something you want to keep to a minimum. !
  24. So what is it? ! 1. When you repeat the same blocks of text throughout your site. 2. When you publish the same content on various URLs throughout your site. 3. When you publish the same content on multiple domains. !
  25. The Classic Blog Problem ! ! Go to: h!ps://!cu! ! What you’ll notice is the exact same text is on the blog home page as well as the blog articles. !
  26. The Classic Blog Problem (cont.) ! The Solution: Minimize the amount of duplicate content as much as possible. Like this: ! !
  27. Syndicated Content ! ! Sometimes you can get out-ranked for your own content. ! The solution is to require a canonical tag on the syndicated URL. If other sites are syndicating your content with your permission, require that they use a canonical tag that points back to the original URL. !
  28. But what is worse is keyword cannibalization.
  29. Backlinks, Content & UX 3
  30. Backlink Basics
  31. Backlinking Obsessions ! ! ! For years, this was the majority focus of SEOs… Trying to get backlinks from as many websites as possible. And really, all this created was web spam. !
  32. Backlinking “Don’ts” ! ! • Don’t buy links • Don’t do link exchanges • Don’t set up 100s of sites to link to each other • Don’t join guest blogging networks !
  33. Me want backlinks!!! ! ! So How Do We Get Backlinks? ! Answer: Don’t Worry About Them.
  34. Backlinking - The High Road ! ! ! Instead: Focus on creating remarkable content. (see Seth Godin’s book: Purple Cow)
  35. There is still a missing ingredient… ! ! ! “But we make remarkable content and we STILL get no traffic!” - Frustrated Content Marketer !
  36. Barnum says: ! ! “Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” - P.T. Barnum !
  37. Here’s a great blog post on it… ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (Shannon Byrne) !
  38. ! ! ! Have you created a unique page (URL) for each feature and service you offer? ! ! ! ! ! Some low hanging fruit…
  39. UX (User Experience) ! ! If you focus on improving your usability, a few things will happen: • Be!er “time on site” metrics • Trust will increase • Popularity will increase: more backlinks, more social shares & more signals that your site is worthy. !
  40. UX - The 3 Click Rule ! ! Try to make ALL of your content accessible from the home page in 3 clicks or less.
  41. How does KISSmetrics help with SEO? ! ! ! KISSmetrics allows you to see what marketing campaigns and channels are providing the best ROI. !
  42. How does KISSmetrics help with SEO?
  43. Start Your Free KISSmetrics Trial LOG IN WITH GOOGLE
  44. For more webinars see this page: ! ! ! ! !
  45. Questions? Thue Madsen Marketing Associate KISSmetrics @thuelmadsen Sean Work Director of Inbound Marketing KISSmetrics @seanvwork
  46. THANK YOU Sean Work @seanvwork