Grade 4 uoi 2


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Grade 4 uoi 2

  1. 1. Technology relationships By Grace G4
  2. 2. IntroductionI chose this area of inquiry becauseit is really interesting to me and itmade me want to find out moreabout technology and socialnetworks.
  3. 3. FormWhat are the kinds of relationshipsin technology?"Mostly peoples had answered withsocial networks in it and apps insmart phones to communicate withfriends and family."
  4. 4. CausationWhen do we start to invent technology to form relationships?"The Internet began in the late 1950s and early 1960s. By the mid1980s there is many other smaller networks begun around the world.In the 1980s people begun buying computers to use in their homes,however the P.C. were more expensive and hard to use."When do you start to use technology to communicate?"Mostly people that I interviewed would start using in the late 1980s."What is the first social networks?"The first social networks did not begin until 1997. www.friendster.comwas born 2002 followed by in 2003 and in and finally in 2006. These are themost popular and used by millions of people everyday."
  5. 5. PerspectivesHow does your relationships changewhen we have technology?"For mostly people said that to keepin touch with friends and familythat live in other parts of the worldand making them connect withpeople easier."
  6. 6. ConclusionForm: I learned that for mostly peoples would use socialnetworks to communicate with people all around the worldalso your friends and family.Causation: I learned that how the Internet start in 1998 andthe first computer was really big and use lots of energy for itbut now it is really easy to use and not big as the first one.Also mostly people will use Facebook and email the most.Perspectives: I learned that peoples really think that goingonline is easier and free also mostly say that using telephoneneeds lots of money to call to our family and friends thatare in other parts of the world.
  7. 7. Final ConclusionCentral idea: Relationships can enrich our lives and help us to shape ourperspectives in the worldTechnology can enrich our lives by allowing us to keep in touch with peoplesaround the world even when we are not the same place, we wouldnt be lonely ifwere not in the same place because we have technology to stay in touch with ourfriends and family.Technology would shape our lives, we could connect together easier and usingsocial networks is free. We dont have to waste money for telephone to connect topeople that live in other parts of the world. Different kinds of relationships: Technology can form different kinds ofrelationships to peoples, peoples use social networks to form relationships withstrangers also social networks allows you to talk with your friends and familyand seeing each other on the screen by the camera.How relationships are formed: Relationships can be formed by technology, we canform new relationships with strangers by social networks and online games andwe might make friends.How relationships influence who we are: We can connect with our family easier, itsfree and communicate with peoples around the world. We dont have to be face toface to talk to each other only we can just use social networks to connect.
  8. 8. Pictures and informationsInterviewing teachers and somestudentsSome questions I cant find it inbooks so I have to find it in theInternet.Pictures from google images
  9. 9. Thank youFor watching my presentation.