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  1. 1. GATI-KWE Express DistributionINTRODUCTION:- Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Limited (GATI-KWE) is a joint venture company between Gati – India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions and Kintetsu World Express - Japan’s leading logistics provider. An intrinsic network that spans the length and breadth of India – GATI-KWE has a reach of 99.3% covering 653 districts out of 657 districts in India. A large fleet of 4000 vehicles and an assured space across 28 airline sectors ensures that your shipments are delivered in the right time at the right place. GATI-KWE today is the most preferred Express Distribution and Supply Chain solutions provider because of its ability to handle every distribution need of its customer.GATI-KWE Supply Chain Solutions Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Limited (GATI-KWE) is a joint venture company between Gati – India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions and Kintetsu World Express Japan’s leading logistics provider. RedSun, GATI-KWE’s Supply Chain solution division offers an integrated supply Chain service to businesses across industry verticals. Be it flexible point-to-point distribution solutions or complex end-to-end integrated logistics solutions or supply chain management, GATI-KWE does it all with great effectiveness and reliability. We partner with clients to identify cost – benefit opportunities that drive value in to their business. We achieve this by addressing critical operational constraints, freeing up working capital, improving the flow of information and reforming business processes in order to deliver sustainable competitive advantage. Managed Services GATI-KWE Red Sun operates as the Lead Logistics Provider by linking multiple logistics and supply chain services, customized to meet specific customer needs, and manages the integrated solution supported by our platform of industry leading logistics technology. The capabilities range from automotive spares management for VOR solutions, retail supply and demand management for on-shelf availability and specialized e-Commerce services to enhance the customer buying experience across the full order to cash cycle. Redsun encompasses services across the Buy, Make, Move, Store and Sell functions of supply chain management. Temperature Sensitive Services Delivering medicines to patients in the remotest corner of the country has always been a daunting challenge for every pharmaceutical company; as they have to ensure the right temperature is maintained during the transit.To address these challenges GATI-KWE has pioneered “Pit-stop Express”, a unique surface movement service for temperature sensitive consignments, moving through our Indian surface network. Pit-stop express has a network of cold chain units across the country, where the shipments en-route is checked for the right temperature and if required the gel packs are replenished for further transit to the destination. Thus, ensuring fast and intact delivery of life saving drugs in a cost effective manner Re-engineering services
  2. 2. Redsun is more than just a logistics services provider, as we believe in linking analytics to operational data to adjust our clients existing logistics network, helping them to efficiently adapt to changing market conditions. The In-house consultants work with the customer’s business to address their strategic and operational supply chain needs. Some of our offerings under re-engineering services include Upstream SCM Services RedSun offers upstream supply chain services like procurement management and order management to seamlessly engage with logistics. Under this, GATI-KWE’s Import / Export Trading Wing enables integration for international & domestic suppliers to the primary, secondary & tertiary sales channels. It dons the hat of an international / domestic buyer or domestic seller. This supports multi-brand retailers, new / regional companies aspiring to penetrate Indian market and organizations who have an outsourcing need.International Services Gati International, the global wing of Gati Ltd. is one of the leading providers of freight forwarding and logistics services, specialized in air freight and ocean freight shipments and associated Supply Chain Management Solutions.Backed by in-depth industry knowledge, unmatched reach (across India, APAC countries and Middle East), world-class infrastructure, experienced staff and state-of-the-art IT systems, Gati International provides a comprehensive supply chain expertise and logistics infrastructure that work seamlessly to ensure highly cost- effective solutions.To enable seamless multi-modal logistics solution, Gati International has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Thailand and an agency network that spans across 70 countries. Services offered Freight forwarding Air Freight and Ocean freight inbound and outbound CHA for Customs clearance imports and exports (air and ocean) International courier to and from worldwide locations Road Movement to the SAARC nations Express Distribution and Supply Chain Management Bonded Trucking and Custom Bonded Warehousing Inland TransportationShipping Services Gati Ship, a subsidiary of Gati Ltd, is a one stop logistics solution provider for all sea bound cargo shipments. Over the last two decades, Gati Ship has evolved to provide an end- to- end logistics solutions with Shipping Cargo Services right from origin to port, port to port and port to destination using multimodal connectivity. Project Cargo Offers customized services to sectors having project cargo needs, including oil & gas, pulp & paper, automotive, construction, power & energy and other shipments.
  3. 3. Break-bulk Gati Ship offers specialized cargo handling services through own and chartered vessels for break-bulk cargo. Examples: Giant rolls of newsprint, Plate steel, Wood products, Agri products, Building material, Fertilizer etc. Container Services Own vessels that provide containerized cargo for perishables and other cargo.Gati Kausar Cold Chain Solutions Gati Kausar, a subsidiary of Gati Ltd. is a cold chain transportation solutions company with over 4 years of unmatched cold chain distribution expertise. Gati Kausar offers customized solutions for temperature sensitive shipments through its cutting edge technology and a vast fleet of refrigerated vehicles equipped with advanced climate -control systems.Gati Kausar provides customized temperature sensitive services for Consumer foods, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Agri - food sectors. Gati Kausar is an undisputed leader in the industry, specializing in fast, reliable and customized solutions in cold chain logistics. Primary Distribution Gati Kausar provides Full truck Load services for long haul transportation of bulk and volumetric shipments. These services are provided across pan-India, based on the load factor (different sizes of vehicles) from manufacturing unit to distribution centers or cold storage facilities. Secondary Distribution Gati Kausar provides services from distribution centers or cold storage facilities to end users through deployment of fast and efficient In-city vehicles. These services can also cover multiple stores on need basis. Dedicated Reefer Fleet Kausars Dedicated Reefer Fleet Services are designed exclusively for the food chain businesses that provide 100% customized vehicles round the clock as per the customers requirement. Customized Cold Chain Solutions Gati Kausar’s state of the art modern refrigerated units, established reefer network, temperature controlled vehicles, IT infrastructure and experienced team helps them offer the right solution for every customer need. Organized Retail Gati Kausar’s Organized retail services will provide JIT (Just in time) services through LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) covering F&V and retail chain.Ads by Google