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One Minute for Myself


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Notes from book One Minute for Myself by Spencer Johnson.

Published in: Education
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One Minute for Myself

  1. 1. Spencer Johnson
  2. 2. I treat myself the way I would like others to treat me
  3. 3. In one minute I can change my attitudeAnd in that minute I can change my entire day
  4. 4. When I take Good care of myself I feelless angry – toward myself and others
  5. 5. And when I am Happier I work better and I treat others better.
  6. 6. When I clearly see what is best for me, I usually do it
  7. 7. Our commitment is not to run away fromourselves, but for each of us to take good care of ourselves and to take good care of one another.
  8. 8. We can Help ourselves and each other by asking “Have you Hugged YOURSELF today?”
  9. 9. When every person in the world takesbetter care of themselves, Everyone in the world will feel better taken care of and then we may finally being to care more about each other.
  10. 10. One thing I do when I get rushed, feeloverwhelmed, and lose my perspective is to ask myself another simple question: “ten years from now, how much difference is this going to make?”
  11. 11. So when I make a decision – I ask „is this a love-filled decision or a fearful decision?‟ Decisions I make based on fear, whether I am aware of it or not, do not turn out very well for me. When I make a decision based on love (theabsence of fear), I feel good – even before I know the outcome.
  12. 12. One of the best ways I can help other people is to encourage them to takebetter care of themselves. And to reward them when they do
  13. 13. When other people take good care of themselves they are happier with themselves – and with me!
  14. 14. I show you best by example just howgood it is for me and for people around me when I stop to take better care of myself.
  15. 15. Even more important than my being loved is my being loving.
  16. 16. We may have some small conflictnow, but we avoid much larger and more serious conflicts later, when each of us takes better care of ourselves.