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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. BDD ja in PHP #phpmatsuri, @sizuhiko
  2. 2. Do you know BDD?
  3. 3. Yes or No? •Blu-ray •Disc •Drive
  4. 4. YES, We know. •Behaviour •Driven •Development
  5. 5. Last Week • It went to the PHP conference. • It was interested in OpenpearPEG. Parsing Expression Grammer( ) • I would try to hack Cucumber for PHP.
  6. 6. Do you know Cucumber?
  7. 7. Cucumber is •Ruby base • Executes plain-text as automated tests. • I received the Deep Impact.
  8. 8. I thought that this was necessary also for PHP.
  9. 9. Yesterday • I tried OpenpearPEG for develop parser of Cucumber feature. • But file of feature don’t match PEG because it isn’t structured. • I started giving it up.
  10. 10. I FOUND Behat • Behavior driven development for PHP. • Inspired by Cucumber project and especially it's syntax part. • At once I see, it is a wonderful solution.
  11. 11. TRY • Clone from Github. • Update submodules, Goutte, symfony, Zend, etc.. • Execute example scenarios.
  12. 12. BUT • We want to write JAPANESE. • Behat has folder i18n. • But, I could not find config of JAPANESE.
  13. 13. HACK • I made config of JAPANESE. • I wrote some steps by PHP.
  14. 14. DEMO