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Online identity and trust - The IDfy Concept


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From love to business to politics, trust matters. Especially now that our interactions have moved online, there's a need to build our own online identity and in doing so build trustworthiness. Can you trust other people online? Better to be safe than sorry and verify people's credibility through IDfy.

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Online identity and trust - The IDfy Concept

  1. 1. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 2The ProblemWhether it is an employee, a tenant or a date…Everyone needs to prove they are trustworthy.In today’s global Sharing Economy – this trustbuilding exercise has become very frequent.
  2. 2. All these companies* rely heavily on peer to peer trustbetween ‘strangers’ for a successful business model5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 3The size ofthe problem*Includes online classifieds, dating, contract employment, freelancing, recruitment, B2Bmarketplaces, matrimony, travel and hospitality,…. and many more!!
  3. 3. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 4Airbnb’struststrategyAirbnb requests users to verify their identity and then allows them to buildtheir reputation through reference tools. Would you let out your roomwithout this?Letting out your room to a stranger?? You gotta be kidding!
  4. 4. o Identity: Name, photoo Address: Permanent, Currento Employment: Designation, Salary, Duration, Skillso Education: School, Under Graduate, Graduate,Certificationso Criminal check: Past recordso Drug usage: Medical checkso Inter personal: Reliability, Capability5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 5Some basicaspects ofTrust
  5. 5. o IDfy aims to aggregate trust data for individualso The online platform allows people to create a profile, link it to theirlinkedin or facebook profile and establish their credibility throughuploaded documents, references for Freeo Users can pay for a full ISO certified verification service as part of thePremium Service5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 6The Solution
  6. 6. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 7Sharing... Once you’ve established credibility, share the relevant detailswith your landlord, employer or prospective date
  7. 7. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 8Case Studyo is an online marketplace for freelancerso Individuals were given an opportunity to opt in for a selfverification - this would add a ‘credible’ badge to their profileo 35% of all registered individuals have signed up for the freeservice with no external promotion"IDfy has helped me in getting a new job. My suggestion to everyone is toregister with and get their education and employmentcredentials verified before applying"Ms. Kiranmayee Vishnubhatla,Talent Acquisition Expert, Hyderabad
  8. 8. o Founded in May 2011o Primary office in Mumbai, sales presence in Delhi &Bangaloreo ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certifiedo 20+ clients enterprise clients including tier 1 IT, BPOo Institutional investor - Blume ventures5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 9About IDfy
  9. 9. 5/15/2013 In Commercial Confidence 10PeopleAshok Hariharan – CEOMBA Class of 2006, ISB; BSEE, Penn State University11 years of experience in technology space, primarily in leadershiproles. He has successfully launched his first technology start-up(Gaboli), where he still holds a board position.Hatim Baheranwala – DirectorBachelor of Engineering, Mumbai UniversityHatim enjoys developing strategy and building structure for thebusiness. Prior to co-founding BaldorTech, Hatim worked as abusiness consultant and an investment portfolio manager.Vineet Jawa – Non-executive DirectorMBA Class of 2005, ISB; SRCC, Delhi universityVineet is a co-founder and non executive director at IDfy. He iscurrently the CEO of Gaboli, and brings over 10 years of experience intechnology account management and consulting.Kaushik Shah – Head of TechnologyBachelor of Engineering, Mumbai UniversityKaushik is the tech genius who single handedly built the first releaseof IDfy. Kaushik has extensive experience in SOA and cloudarchitectures; he ran his own startup before joining IDfy.