The Marketing Society Orientation 2013


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The Marketing Society Orientation 2013

  1. 1. The Marketing Society, SRCC Orientation’13
  2. 2. • Helps maintain the economy, connecting link between the customer and producers. • Helps build stronger product image and brand loyalty. • Different forms like social, internet, ambush marketing add to its viability.“Marketing is simply letting the people who want what you have to sell know that you have it.” “In general, my children refused to eat anything that hadn't danced on TV.”
  3. 3. What we do • Presently the sole organizers of an exclusive marketing fest in Delhi University. • Conduct workshops and seminars on marketing. • Conduct market surveys on various sectors of the economy and publish reports. • Have a one-of-its-kind marketing magazine to discuss and educate people about marketing. • Run a Facebook page for the purpose of educating peers about latest marketing trends and updates. • Run a marketing blog on opinions on marketing activities. • Organize innovative intra-society games and activities. • Participate in marketing fests of other colleges.
  4. 4. • A First of its kind Marketing Festival in SRCC and across DU • Participation from reputed colleges of Delhi university. • 10+ sponsors in the first fest itself! • Innovatively designed events covering every aspect of marketing in addition to Treasure Hunt and Rock Concert. • Listed on and covered and reviewed by prestigious agencies.
  5. 5.  society pictures
  6. 6. More events. More participation. More sponsors. More publicity. A ROCKING SECOND EDITION! MERCATO FESTA’13
  7. 7. ALUMNI SPEAK ASHUTOSH KEJRIWAL, FOUNDER “Marketing society is very very close to me not only because I was the founder but also because its a society where each individual strives to learn, be perseverant and aims to grow by being a part of it. it is one of the most erudite societies in college in such a short span and I hope it gets bigger and bigger each year. I am sure it will because it encompasses an array of activities that are enthralling and challenging that ensure the members of the society are intelligent and knowledgeable.” !
  8. 8. ALUMNI SPEAK HARSHINI SHANKER, CO-FOUNDER “Through The Marketing Society, I sought to create a network of motivated individuals who would do awesome things, enjoy doing them and leave an indelible mark on the rest of the college as a benchmark of excellence in extra-curricular activities. Through The Marketing Society we organized fabulous, engaging events, we inculcated learning and understanding of marketing, and we built lasting relationships without ever compromising on professionalism and quality of work. I'm indebted to my team for giving me this amazing journey.”
  9. 9. ALUMNI SPEAK SUJATA VERMA, ADVISORY MEMBER “Marksoc (as we call it) has been a baby to me. Experiencing it growing from nothing to one of the most exciting & deemed societies of SRCC was truly incredible. Be it getting our Airtel event, Kolkata fest, recruiting the first team, innumerable and our very own first fest - MERCATO FESTA'12. It was altogether a 'beyond amazing' experience. It is not a place for ONLY Marketing lovers but also for those hardworking people who aspire to LEARN and groom themselves. Come as a LEARNER and see the wonders!”
  10. 10. Your takeaways from the society  In-depth practical knowledge in marketing.  Insight into latest news and opinions in the field of marketing.  Hands on experience in planning, conceptualizing and executing this year’s fest.  Contacting biggies in the marketing arena and developing personal relationship.  Invaluable assistance in pursuing marketing as a career option.  Excellent organizational and communication skills.  Team work skills.  Leadership skills.
  11. 11. HOW TO APPLY?  Collect the applications forms from the Xerox shop or apply Online using our facebook page  Selected entries to proceed to the further rounds of elimination.
  12. 12. For more information - VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE - CHECK OUT OUR BLOG