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Graph results

  1. 1. Questionnaire ResultsFrom this questionnaire i get a general understanding for the publics perception ofdocumentaries. From this i can now make a specific questionnaire for my targetaudience. I will hand this out to the people who answered the generalquestionnaire to a standard where i think they are suitable and interested indocumentaries. Are you male or female? From the 30 people I asked, 53% were female and 47% Male 47 % were male. 53% Female What is your postcode? 3% 13% B33 B27 34% B38 17% B13 From the people I asked there was a wide variety B11 B36 of different postcodes from where people lived. 7% B26 B24 However as you can see a vast number of people 3% 3% 3% B28 live in the B27 area and B11 area. 17%
  2. 2. Questionnaire Results Do you like documentaries? As you can see the majority of the people I asked said Yes. However there were 8 No 8 people who said no, the reasons people said they didn’t watch documentaries was Answer Series1 because they didn’t find them relevant or Yes 22 interesting so I need to think about this when I’m creating my documentary to try 0 5 10 15 20 25 and encourage more people to watch them. People How old are you? 12 I didn’t want to ask anyone under the age of 10 10 12 years old to fill in this questionnaire due Number Of People 8 6 to the fact I don’t think they’d be able to 6 5 5 Series1 understand local issues to a full extent and I 4 2 doubt they would be interested in 2 1 1 0 documentaries. The majority of people I 12-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 30-35 36-40 40+ asked were in the age group of around 16- Age 30 years old.
  3. 3. Questionnaire Results What is your favourite documentry? 7% Big Fat Gypsey Wedding 7% 24% Katie: Science of seeing again Hillsbrough: search for truth There a range of documentaries people have watched and 10% Human Body like, it seems to be documentaries to do with exposing Panorama Big Brother things and educating people that seem to be the favourite. 3% 3% Dispatches 3% 3% Great Wall Of China 3% Supersize Me 7% The Elephant Man 13% Katie and Friends 17% Reggie Yates: Teen Gnags How many documentries in a month do you watch? 10% 0% 27% It seems from the people I asked the majority watch 1-2 0 1-2 documentaries per month. 30% 3-4 5-6 7+ 33%
  4. 4. Questionnaire Results Why is this documentry your favourite? Most of the people I asked said they enjoy things being exposed and it 3% 17% 23% interests them to learn and see Makes me Laugh Educates Me something different. They like to be 10% Relates to my age Influences me educated but a sense of humour in the I like seeing things exposed. Inspires me documentaries help keep them keen. 13% 34% Are there any social issues in your area you would want to see exposed? 80% of the people I spoke to said they 20% would want an social issue in their area exposed. Yes No 80%
  5. 5. Questionnaire Results What social issures in your area would you want to see exposed? Crime Majority of the people I asked said they would like animal cruelty exposed and Robberies robberies and gang related crimes come in Issues Series1 Animal Cruelty joint second. I will think about this when planning on making my documentary. Gang Related 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Number of people What is your favourite channel to watch documentries? 7% 13% 10% There are a range of channels that people Channel 5 watch documentaries on, however channel Channel 4 BBC3 4 and BBC3 seem to be the most popular 17% ITV Channel 1 with the people I asked. 33% ITV2 20%