Micro elements


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Micro elements

  1. 1. Micro elementsin film opening credits Cherrybomb – ‘coming of age drama’
  2. 2. Mise en sceneThe mise en scene in this shot suggests the scene to be in a new house with a little, or nofurnishing. The walls are white which indicates that it is a modern setting and that he is livingminimalist - whether this is his choice or just he has little or no money is for the audience tointerpret . The fact he doesnt’t have a bed but just a mattress could enforce the thought that hedoesnt’t have much money. But the picture on the back on the wall looks like it could beexpensive so it could give the audience yet another way to interpret the scene.The mass amount of drugs on the floor indicates that this character is a drug dealer and soenforces that he lives an expensive but minimalist lifestyle.
  3. 3. Extreme close upThey have used an extreme close up to imply that the two characters are having sex but asit is a film aimed at teenagers and is a ‘15’ rating and they cannot show sexual intercourse ina graphic way. Therefore by using a extreme close up because it fits in with the discretion ofa ‘15’ criteria. It gives the audience the feel that the character who is looking on is notmeant to see this and that this could be a key element of the film.
  4. 4. Close upThe close up shot introduces the second protagonist to theaudience. Using the close up shot shows the character as ifthe audience is looking down on him, and to centralise hisface as he smokes making him appear in his own world.
  5. 5. Medium ShotThe use of the medium shot shows the protagonist and his surrounding to setthe scene of the film. He is stationary staring up at these gymnasts as if in hisown world. He is in the centre of this shot. This may have been used due tothe way he is just stood staring and give the implication of being in his ownworld.
  6. 6. Long ShotThis long shot shows the character in one of the main settings of the film. You see what his job role is and youget an understanding of the time frame of the next few scenes. This shows that the film is a non linear thereforethe audience will have to pay attention to what going on when and what time it is. However because theprotagonist is in the center he is the main focus of the scene but the text sets the scene. They may of used along shot to give the audience the setting and makes the shoot spaced out and not all crammed into a closershoot.
  7. 7. Non diegetic SoundThroughout the opening sequence there is a music track being played. Theeffect of the song is it creates a inquisitive mood of whats going on in the film.The lyrics and instrumental parts fit with the diegetic sound as well creating aeffort on the audience.
  8. 8. Diegetic soundThere is a small amount of diegetic sound of the characters in different parts of the film opening; At the start you meet the protagonist who is spoken to by a less important character in the scene As you don’t see the two characters having sex but hear the diegetic sound of it so it implies to the audience that they are having sex but you only see zoomed in shots that imply this. The sound of the phone and the protagonist dropping all the balls makes the scene appear more realistic. There is rustling of the drugs and bags as the second protagonist is introduced to us.All of these make the scenes appear realistic and make the audience believe that the charactersare really there and not in a studio.
  9. 9. PerformanceIn the opening sequence the two main protagonists are shown to theaudience. Rupert Grint is first to be shown to be watching two gymnasts, hisfacial expression and movement portray his character straight away to theaudience. He looks as if in a dream staring up at the two girls and looks verysmall in the scene as the location is large and he is small. Upon meetingRobert Sheehan who is smoking and topless. The close up shot of the cameraand gives an idea of what his character is like- this being in his own world.
  10. 10. Editing The opening of the sequence is the title of the film. The effect of the title being in a pool which sets the scene of the entire film, so the audience know the main setting and fit in well with the connotation of the colour blue which switchs to the two gymnasts who are in blue leotards who seem to be floating at first. Seeing Robert Sheehan as the scene fades out with Rupert Grint shows that they are the two protagonists . The rest of the sequence is quick editing and sets a nice pace for the film and sets the scene for the audience.
  11. 11. Pace This opening sequence has quite a fast pace, being only 3:10, the audience is introduced to the films two main protagonists, different location shots and obvious conventions of the genre (sex, drugs, teenagers). The change between scenes is fast but effective because it gives the audience a lot of information to absorb, but ensures that we keep in mind the two main protagonists and their connections to each shot. The non diegetic sound also helps set the pace and mood for the audience at such an early but crucial part of the film. The pace of the opening sequence is quite fast and as the opening is only 00:03:10, you are introduced to the main characters quite quickly as well as being introduced to some of the main themes of the film – sex, drugs, and post adolescents protagonists, the setting and the structure – non linear. The pace of the scenes are changed quite quickly but it gives the audience most of the information that they need at the start. But it keeps the main protagonists at the centre of the audiences mind. The non diegetic sound fits the mood of the film and fits the pace and editing at the start of the film. The pace is important at this point because it gives the first taster of what is to come in the film and the audience will instantly deicide whether they like it or not.