Smile - Its never that bad! Mastering the sales meeting without turning to the dark side


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Final version of a presentation written for The Business of Web Design Conference in Cardiff on July 18th 2014

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  • Sales - not something I’ve ever been comfortable with, nor good at to start with. Its been a long standing joke about salesmen gone to the dark side. So today, I thought I’d share some tips with you about how to be good at sales and maybe avoid the dark path.
  • The boring bit first
  • This pretty much sums me up
  • make of this what you will
  • Web designer / WordPress developer - Run Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. for 3 years building bespoke websites for clients large and small. Before that freelanced for 18 months
  • I have my eye on the prize,
    So lets begin!
  • Ok, so maybe wasn’t a period of civil war, there were no spaceships attacking and it wasn’t actually that long ago, but back in 2008
  • This was me - a cog in the machine working as a PHP developer.
  • but I felt like this. I was bored with having just one role in a project. I wanted more involvement.
  • I dreamed of going freelance…
  • And this is what I thought it looked like…
  • So in 2010 thats what I did, but still I wasn’t any happier
  • Still felt like a cog in the machine, because I was no freelancing with more than one agency(nothing wrong with that) but now working at home
  • And so, In 2011 made choice to focus on direct client work and KB LTD was born! TADA!
    Very exciting, seemed like I could do anything,
  • But while my business seemed indestructible now. Like all super hero stories, I had my own version of kryptonite. And that was…
  • Being a developer I hadn’t needed people skills
  • Could go to work in a grumpy mood without impacting my ability to earn as long as I still did my job well. But that was no longer the case
  • As a super awesome company I had to learn quickly if I wanted to win work…
  • so thats what I did, I went off and learnt how best for me to deal with people within a sales environment.
  • These days its a little different…
  • if I have sales meeting I win work. Exclude leads from referrals
    90% of my business won if I have meeting rather than just email / phone calls. I think there are lots of reasons but probably most important is…
  • Smile!
    ’~ grin!’ can only do so much, personality does not come through via email
  • people buy into me. More so than just the proposed work.
    So now I’ll hand over to Yoda for some handy life lessons… before I share with you some of my tips for preparing for that sales meeting.
  • break
  • Ok, so maybe the force doesn’t surround us and help us sell our services after all but there are things we can do to prepare for our meeting.
  • Mostly stuff you need to figure out when you first setup a business, but in this environment they help build your own confidence as well
  • Why this is important to a business, whats its purpose
  • Superman’s vision, mission, values
  • My vision, mission, values (in a nutshell)
  • Now you know these you can identify your *sell* - mine is a web developer speaks normal. Stand out from agencies with account managers. Superman has numerous super powers other super heros don’t
  • This is me - don’t wear suite to the office - thought I should have to. Not comfortable and not able to hide how uncomfortable I was
  • Be yourself - client will like or not - if not good filter.
  • Learn to project confidence - even if not 100% - no room for shy
  • Remember how nervous and shy Peter Parker was? Look at how confident he looks
  • Denise Jacobs. Power pose, posture. Or if you can’t then learn to hide how uncomfortable you feel. Develop a…
  • Poker face -
    meeting example - marketing guy
  • Moving on to more practical stuff
    better prepared - better it will go
    Potential client will be impressed if you seem organised
  • The most important part of this step
  • And I do that by sending out a client questionnaire asking all the basic questions I need to know to put an accurate quote together.
  • Things like:
    Examples E-commerce is not adding a button, SEO, branding
  • Helps focus the conversation and makes sure the meeting doesn’t overrun.
    How I work - Follow questionnaire - Any questions from them
  • Find good examples of existing websites to drive the project in the direction you want to take. During examples - talk about why one solution is better - explain things like user experience - the stuff they will relate to and buy in to.
  • Follow these simple steps and you will not fail the first step as Luke did. On to the actual meeting…
  • Like Luke, the temptation to turn to the dark side is strong, but we must not promise the client whatever it takes to win the work!
  • Not expected to know everything - research and come back
    Probably a plugin available but need to check
  • Not expected to know everything - research and come back
    Probably a plugin available but need to check
  • snotty bloke and mother meeting example for “walk away”
  • and if the meeting still isn’t going the way you want to, remember, your next meeting could be the most awesome of awesome…
  • Meetings! Hopefully by following this simple tips, you will be able to master the sales meeting without turning to the dark side and celebrate winning lots of new work
  • Really AWESOME meeting
  • A real unknown - never been driving force
    fish out of water
  • Smile - Its never that bad! Mastering the sales meeting without turning to the dark side

    1. 1. Mastering the sales meeting without turning to the dark side. Smile ~ Its never that bad! Kirsty Burgoine - @kirstyburgoine The Business of Web Design Conference - 17th July 2014
    2. 2. Who am I?
    3. 3. Web developer / designer • • • Events for geeky people • • • Light Side Dark Side
    4. 4. The #TBOselfie winner? Lake Iseo - Italy 2014
    5. 5. Olden Days (circa 2008)
    6. 6.
    7. 7.
    8. 8. - with added cats by ME
    9. 9. 2010 - Freelance Olden Days
    10. 10. Kirsty Burgoine Ltd. was formed!
    11. 11. Kryptonite
    12. 12. People skills…
    13. 13. Grumpy cat is grumpy
    14. 14. If you don’t have any one to build awesome websites for, then your business is going to be pretty…
    15. 15. quiet!
    16. 16. Today 2011 - Kirsty Burgoine Ltd.
    17. 17. Some random charts… Because I’m told everyone likes statistics…
    18. 18. Grumpy cat is happy
    19. 19. People buy into people.
    20. 20. Things you can do to prepare, there is… (In 2 easy steps)
    21. 21. Step 1. Preparing yourself
    22. 22. Step 1. Preparing yourself Vision, mission, values
    23. 23. Kirsty Burgoine Ltd.
    24. 24. Step 1. Preparing yourself Vision, mission, values Know your value and understand your *sell*
    25. 25. Step 1. Preparing yourself Be comfortable with yourself
    26. 26. Be comfortable with yourself Don’t try to be someone your not. Step 1. Preparing yourself
    27. 27. Step 1. Preparing yourself Learn to project confidence
    28. 28. Step 1. Preparing yourself Learn to project confidence No matter how you feel inside
    29. 29. Grumpy cat is happy
    30. 30. Step 2. Preparing for the meeting
    31. 31. Get as much information as you can beforehand Step 2. Preparing for the meeting
    32. 32. Client Questionnaire
    33. 33. ~ Why do you want a new website? ~ Who is your intended audience? ~ How do you plan to measure the success of your new website? ~ What separates you from your competition? ~ Do you have nay branding already? ~ What sort of budget do you have? ~ Do you have a site structure in mind already? ~ Do you have any special features in mind such as Blog or E-Commerce? ~ Do you need any additional services such as SEO,Hosting? Client Questionnaire
    34. 34. Set yourself a meeting agenda Step 2. Preparing for the meeting
    35. 35. Prepare some examples Step 2. Preparing for the meeting
    36. 36. Journey towards the dark side…
    37. 37. The meeting itself…
    38. 38. The meeting itself… Keep calm and collected Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in the momentum
    39. 39. The meeting itself… Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know. Don’t promise things you don’t know you can deliver
    40. 40. The meeting itself… Maintain the “poker face” throughout. Remember your core values, project confidence, appear organised and remember to smile!
    41. 41. The meeting itself… Remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you
    42. 42. You are allowed to say no to projects!
    43. 43. Star Wars Episode VII meeting - WOOHOO! ~ grin!
    44. 44. Kirsty Burgoine @kirstyburgoine Icons and robot dude by @stina_jones Thank you.
    45. 45. Competition time!
    46. 46. September 26th 2014
    47. 47. “Robot Dude” needs a name! Tweet your suggestion with the hashtag #dudeneedsaname to @kirstyburgoine. The winner will receive two tickets to (R)EVOLUTION. The alter-ego Standard “dude”