Social Media Success


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My social media success story as shared in a recorded webinar with Bernadette Schwerdt from Australian School of Copywriting.

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Social Media Success

  1. 1. Wilson owner of Interim Business SolutionssharesMy Social Media Success Story
  2. 2. Media Marketing Can...• Extend the reach more than local• Assist to expose your business and build your brand• Be known as an expert in your industry• Allow you to connect with like-minded business people• Allow you to find your target market• Allow you to network and build relationshipsWe know people buy from those they know, like and trust!
  3. 3. Philosophy of the Big 3• Twitter – Is for quick network building & sourcing relevantconnections via lists & keyword searches.• Facebook - Is for nurturing the relationship with dialogue inmore than 140 chars!• LinkedIn - Is where you build your professional credibility &display your recommendations.
  4. 4. Social Media Has Meant to My BusinessNote: I joined social media late 2008
  5. 5. to Manage Your Social Presence• Blog. Blogging not only keeps your website fresh whichGoogle loves but it is the centre point from which allyour social media content spins• Don’t feel you have to be everywhere!• Ensure your accounts are 100% complete & optimised• Use tools such as Hootsuite to make tweeting moreefficient• Get some help from a professional who will give youback some time so you can engage and build thevaluable relationships• Whatever you decide to do, be consistent
  6. 6. & Resources Mentioned• Hootsuite & Hootlet App• Buffer App• Dropbox• Wunderlist• Yast• CapsuleCRM• Skype• MailChimp• Evernote
  7. 7. ResourcesBoth guides are available from our website andwill kick-start your social media presence without wastingtime researching!
  8. 8. We Can AssistWe offer the following social media support services:• Social media set up of Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn• Branded design elements for Twitter & Facebook• Social media coaching via Skype• Social media support• Content curation & creation• Write tweets from the “nuggets” found in yourarticles or blog posts for repurposing• Create slides for SlideShare from your blog posts
  9. 9. For further information please visit our website orcontact us to chat about how we might be able to assistyou with your business administration and social mediarequirements.Phone: 1300 377 427Skype: interim.businessEmail: @kirsty_wilsonFacebook: Interim Business SolutionsLinkedIn: Interim Business