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Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. I have used a variety of media technologies throughout the process of this project. They have played a vital rolein the research, planning, filming, editing and evaluationstages of creating this film. I feel without these tools our project would have not been as successful.
  3. 3. With me already having had past experience with blogger from my AS blog I found using the programme relatively easy as I was already familiar to how it worked. I feel using blogger this time round has enabled me to showcase my work more professionally and allowed me to experiment with different ways of displaying my work within a matter of minutes.Blogger has had a massive impact on thecreation of film, showcasing myresearch, planning, construction and evaluationof my finished media projects. Using blogger hasenabled me to expand on my skills and give adetailed account of the stages building up to ourfinal film using video links, photos, slide showsand prezis.
  4. 4. Collection of our first ideas for title has been a real help increating professional and ideal fonts for allparts of our film whether it be for our twoancillary tasks or for the film titles itself.With our film being of the film noir genrewe wanted a font that would match the1940s era. We felt that this font portrayedthis well as calligraphy writing wasfashionable at the time. With our creditson our poster we went for a tall and thinfont that is often used on most filmposters.
  5. 5. I have created several prezi’s, here are a few examples:I have used internet software prezithroughout the project to create visuallyinteresting presentations that showcasemy groups thoughts and ideasprofessionally. Prezi is a virtual canvaswhich presents information clearly andcreatively. It allows you to add images andvideos making it a perfect method forpresenting ideas to other peopleefficiently. I feel using this software hasenabled me to experiment with differentways of posting my work to my blog andenhanced my creativity skills on thecomputer.
  6. 6. Apple Macs and Software The Apple Mac hard drive has been an essential piece of equipment used throughout the editing of my groups final film. The software on the Mac has enabled us to insert pre-recorded sounds, cut and edit our film using the iMovie maker programme. Drag and drop songs from the iTunes library to create a distinctive and original soundtrack . Without this technology, editing our film would have been nearly impossible as we used many of the transitions on the iMovie maker programme. Also with it being free and affordable it meant are budget was not exceeded in the process of creating out film.
  7. 7. Sound bible is a free downloadsite that has a vast variety offree sounds, able for youngmovie makers to download ifthey please. The site hasenabled us to download acouple of free 30-60 secondsound clips that we have beenable to insert into our film toadd to the tension and realismof the piece. Here are a few ofthe sounds that we ended upusing in our finished film.
  8. 8. Using you tube has helped showcase ourwork publically in order to retrieveaudience feedback that we can later usein our evaluation process of the project.Through you tube i have been able toupload my final film and my targetaudience focus group that shows ourtarget audience giving feedback to ourproject. You tube has also allowed me toshowcase examples for my research intothe film noir genre and given meevidence to back up any points i make inmy blog.
  9. 9. Picnik has beenextremely useful increating professionallooking photos that havebeen used in theconstruction of our Before Edit After Editposter and review. Usingthe tools on Picnik haveallowed us to workefficiently and create As you can see the contrast between the twoimages of high quality photos shows a dramatic change in thewith free software. quality of the photo. Creating a white backdrop makes the image look more professional and realistic for the uses it holds.
  10. 10. Microsoft PublisherMicrosoft Publisher has been a vital resource inhelping me to create my production companies logoand to design and create my films poster. The toolsthat were a part of the software helped me toenhance images to the best of my ability. The textand pen tool helped to experiment with differenttexts and colour designs to create the perfectdesign that would be effective in grabbing ourchosen target audiences attention in wanting towatch poster finished film.
  11. 11. Canon HD CameraI have used a canon HD camera to produce footage of my focusgroup for my audience feedback and also to create our overall finalfilm and extras for our DVD. Even though we came across a fewminor glitches in the process of creating our film we still managedto create a good quality film . The camera consisted of a nightmode setting that was particularly useful as our film often neededto be set in dark places or at night as it was a part of the codes andconventions of 1940s detective film noir. The playback button wasalso useful as we often needed to watch what we had previouslyrecorded so we knew whether it needed to the scene needed tobe shot again. This was particularly helpful in keeping to our timedschedule, making sure we were never behind on filming.
  12. 12. Apple iPhone 4Using my Apple iPhone 4 has given me the chance to blog onthe go and upload photos and videos from my camera andphoto library from the instant click of a button which hasallowed me more time to spend on the creation of my twoancillary tasks; my poster and review. Using the phone has alsohelped when working with the Apple Macs at college as thephone is compatible and so uploading anything that may needdoing last minute is achievable. The phone also holds a 5megapixel camera which means we were able to take pictureswhilst on the go quick and easy, allowing us to take littleequipment when we were out filming.
  13. 13. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Overall the project has definitely been successful due to the vast variety of new mediatechnologies and software used in the process of research, planning, creating andevaluation stages. The use of such technologies has meant producing the project hasbeen quick, efficient and completed to what we believe is a high standard. It hasenabled us to experiment with different media that we did not already know aboutand advance on our previous knowledge and skills through showcasing our work usinginteractive and creative methods. I feel from the start of the project to now i am morecapable of showing off my work in more advanced ways and at a much higher level. Ithas given me more variety in displaying my work to my blog and through othertechnologies such as YouTube and Prezi. However looking back on the project i feel icould have used more intermediate forms of photo editing such as Adobe Photoshopso that i could develop on my skills in greater depth much more in that area. I alsowould have liked to use the garage band software on the Macs to create my ownpersonal soundtrack and sound effects to match my film, instead of downloading themoff soundbible and but because of timing this wasunfortunately not possible.