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Cover analysis


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Cover analysis

  1. 1. The Masthead• ‘VIBE’ Takes up a large amount of space on the cover, the colouring stands out from the background, so it is instantly seen. It will be the same on all of their magazines, so that they are easy to identify. The colour matches in with the colour scheme of blue, black and yellow.
  2. 2. Tag Line• Has gives a brief description of what is inside, the colours again stand out from the background as it is a key selling point. Within the tagline such words as ‘exclusive’ are used to entice the audience in.
  3. 3. Main Image• The image is the centre of the page is the most important feature on the front cover, it is usually a celebrity who at the time is in the spot light to draw in an audience. The pose portrayed is a typical R&B pose, yet it relates to the story line along side of it. The image is on a blurred background making it stand out more than it would if the background was in focus. The image also covers part of the title, emphasising its importance.
  4. 4. Main Story line• The main story line is along side the main image. It stands out as it is large, bold, black writing with a yellow outline. Different sized fonts are used within the same story line, this makes the reader focus on the story. The story line will be one of interest at the time of release and will help to entice the audience.
  5. 5. Story LinesThree of the other story lines on the cover of themagazine are around the same subject, sex. Its ita known fact that sex sells therefor it is apparentwhy it has been used so repetitively on thecover. The other story lines take up less spacethan the main one as it is not as important.
  6. 6. Font• There are many font sizes, types and colours used on the front cover, it creates variety and helps the story lines stand out from the others.
  7. 7. Barcode and date• The barcode and date are placed in the bottom left hand corner of the page, they are small as they are insignificant to the sale of the product however they are a necessity.