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Contents page analysis


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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Main Feature• The main feature on the contents page is the image of the celebrity, this will most likely be the same celebrity that is on the front cover.
  2. 2. Structure• The structure of the contents page is in the same format in all of the ‘VIBE’ magazines however the colour scheme and image change with every issue. There is a large V in the background that takes up almost half of the page, this also has a different colour from the rest of the page therefore it stands out.
  3. 3. Information• The information and story lines are down the right hand side of the page, it is in a small font as they are more of a necessity than an appeal to the audience and the main feature is celebrity, which takes up almost all of the page.
  4. 4. Aim• The main aim of any contents page is to inform the reader of what they will find throughout the magazine and this contents page has successfully carried out the task, in a simple and effective manner.