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Marketing the Agile Way - Applying Scrum Outside of Develoment


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Using agile development methodologies in marketing is becoming more prevalent. This presentation defines scrum and describes how it's used in practice at HubSpot to gain greater transparency, manage prioritization better and achieve more predictability in our marketing efforts.

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Marketing the Agile Way - Applying Scrum Outside of Develoment

  1. 1. Marketing the Agile WayApplying Scrum Outside of DevelopmentKirsten Knipp, Director of Product Marketing@kirstenpetra
  2. 2. The next 45 minutes … • What is Scrum / Agile? • Why & how does HubSpot apply Agile in marketing? • Workshop it for your organization!
  3. 3. • Waterfall … big project .. .issues … • Not flexible • Long Lead Times Scope creep • Cannot shift to market • Black box Black Box Inflexible3
  4. 4. • RUGBY IMAGE4
  5. 5. • Question mark What is scrum? Anyone using it?5
  6. 6. What does Wikipedia say? Scrum is an iterative, incremental methodology for project management often seen in agile software development, a type of software engineering. Although Scrum was intended for management of software development projects, it can be used to run software maintenance teams, or as a general project/program management approach.6
  7. 7. Your Scrum Glossary …adapted for marketing … Roles • Scrum Team: Product Owner, ScrumMaster & Team • Product Owner (PO): Responsible for maintaining the Backlog by representing the interests of the stakeholders. • Scrum Master: The person responsible for the Scrum process & implementing properly. • Team: A cross-functional group of people responsible for managing itself to develop the product.7
  8. 8. Scrum Glossary cont’d …adapted for marketing … Activities & Artifacts • Team Backlog: A prioritized list of high level requirements. • Sprint: A time period (typically 2–4 weeks) in which work occurs on a set of backlog items that the Team has committed. • Sprint Backlog: A prioritized list of tasks to be completed during the sprint. • Epic: A large effort split up into multiple related user stories. • User Story: A detailed description of a task with the stakeholders in mind. • Sprint Burn Down: Daily progress chart for a Sprint over the sprint’s length. • Impediment/Blocker: Anything that prevents a team member from performing work as efficiently as possible. • Planning Poker: The team estimates effort for the stories in the backlog. The PO uses estimates to prioritize & forecast stories based on velocity. • Point Scale: Point system, used to describe task difficulty, without assigning actual hours. HubSpot uses the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8…). • Success Criteria: The exit-criteria to determine if a task is complete.8
  9. 9. Agile Marketing @HubSpot Marketing Leadership Macro Goals: Lead Gen, Conversion & Brand MOFU TOFU Middle of Services Marketplace Top of the Funnel the Funnel 1 + 4 Cross- Functional 7 + Intern 4 + Intern, 2 Volunteers Cross-Functional PODs Biweekly / Monthly Sprints – Sync’d with Dev & Sales9
  10. 10. Why? Transparency Prioritization Predictability10
  11. 11. Sample Team Home & Backlog: MOFU11
  12. 12. Sample Monthly Sprint Backlog: MOFU 54 Stories12
  13. 13. How we poker …13
  14. 14. Anatomy of a User Story Measureable results. What defines ‘done’? Success Points Prio User Story Owner Criteria & Status 1 As a HubSpot Sales Person, I need a way Prototype Kirsten 5 to prioritize my active trials so that I can trial alert connect with prospects most likely to buy. launched, • Define ‘active trial’ Sales • Create HubSpot + SFDC Report feedback • Publish to Sales-Viewable Dashboard for S32 • Create Automated Weekly Email How difficult is this task? Velocity & A specific description of a task – from the points get refined stakeholder perspective. Should start with over time. “As a _____ (stakeholder), I want to _____ (task), so that _____ (desired result). List specific activities, if story becomes too large, consider ways you could break it up. Ensure dependencies are noted.14
  15. 15. How we standup … 15 Minutes Daily • Yesterday • Today • Blockers • Cross Pollination15
  16. 16. How we report out … Monthly Science Fair Sprint Review Sprint Commit Check it out!16
  17. 17. MOFU: S30Stories Points MOFU WebinarsPlanned 190 •5 Mary Group DemosDeferred 9 •Managed Ollie Group DemosIncomplete 10 •Launched 1st Group Trial CallBonus 10 Lead Nurturing to Drive TrialsCompleted 181 Countdown to 2011 Campaign3000+ Free Trials! Engaging with more content
  18. 18. Content Creation! 10 Blogs, 2 Case Studies & More 10 MOFU Blog Posts with 11,000+ Page Views!2011 Revenue Goals: How Much Traffic Do You Need to Succeed?Final Prize! Play to Win an iPod Touch with Marketing Surprises3 Metrics to Prove to Your Boss That Social Media Marketing is WorkingWin Marketing Prizes in @HubSpots Countdown to 20114 Metrics to Measure Your Best Leads3 Reasons Landing Pages Should be FreeWhat is a 301 Redirect and Why Should You Care?4 Ways to Segment Your Best Leads6 Key Pieces of Lead Intelligence5 Marketing Graphs to Send Your CMO Every Month18
  19. 19. Home Page Testing Continues!19
  20. 20. Local HUGs Alpha Site + 2011 Venue Narrowed #1 for HubSpot Late September Mid August20
  21. 21. What do we get … Transparency Prioritization Predictability21
  22. 22. How could you apply agile? • Audit a dev scrum team at your company … • Pick one project to define, poker & execute using scrum • Draft a team to go agile for a few months • Get the whole organization using agile Workshop It! Cheatsheat provided … • Groups of 3-5 • Pick a project or team • Define a user story & success criteria • Discuss how you’d start evaluating points • How would you execute? • What cultural barriers might you encounter? • Could this increase transparency? • Could this help you prioritize? • Could this improve predictability?22
  23. 23. • Rugby shot Questions? • Twitter handle @kirstenpetra • Question mark … • Interacting …23