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Schools As Colonizers


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Why school?

Published in: Education
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Schools As Colonizers

  1. 1. Schools As Colonizers 3.31.08
  2. 2. If a student does not do well at Brookline High School, what might be one or two reasons?
  3. 3. Schools were never designed to be institutions that produced good results for everyone.
  4. 4. “ School is like the meat packing business, designed to teach children what grade of meat they are, and to send them off to the right market-- but make sure they believe it.” -John Holt, What Do I Do Monday, 1970
  5. 5. “ Poor people know more clearly what school does to them… School instructs us on our own inferiority.” -Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1971
  6. 6. The experiences of learning are diminished by attending school.
  7. 7. “ School initiates young people into a world where everything can be measured. Once men and women have been schooled down to size they let unmeasured experience slip out of their hands.” -Ivan Illich, After Deschooling, What? 1974
  8. 8. The hidden curriculum of schooling instructs us in racist, classist, and competitive values, and then naturalizes and normalizes this as our self-willed state.
  9. 9. “ Most of all, we might grow up without the shell, the casement, the surrounding lacquer, that protects us from acute perceptions of those things we understand, or visible action on those evils we perceive. We might grow up to be brave and subversive human beings. It is against this ever-present danger that twelve years in public school protects us.” -Jonathan Kozol, The Night Is Dark and I am Far From Home, 1990
  10. 10. Much of our best learning occurs outside of institutional settings. Traditional schooling dulls us and wastes our time.