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Travelling librarian 2013


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Travelling librarian 2013

  1. 1. Travelling Librarian 2013 9th October – 30th October 2013
  2. 2. Objectives • Build relationships with colleagues in the Commonwealth of Australia and open up channels for future collaboration • Learn about the process of building and maintaining collections around an international sporting event • Learn about using social media and crowd sourcing content to develop collections and encourage engagement • Learn about using web archiving software to capture online content • Learn about managing digitization projects • Finding out how libraries can contribute to the ongoing social legacy of the games • Sharing ideas on how libraries can optimize opportunities for advocacy through the wider cultural programme and outreach projects associated with the event.
  3. 3. Itinerary Brisbane State Library of Queensland Fryer Library, University of Queensland Sydney Mitchell Library State Library of New South Wales University of Technology, Sydney Powerhouse Museum Canberra National Library of Australia National Sports Information Centre (Australian Sports Commission) Melbourne State Library of Victoria (2 days) Melbourne Museum Hume Global Learning Centres (Broadmeadows and Craigieburn)
  4. 4. Collections Official Documents (bid books, results books, post- games reports) Anti Games and Protest Collections Ephemera Oral Histories Electronic Collections and Crowd Sourced Content
  5. 5. State of Emergency exhibition at SLQ’s indigenous knowledge centre. Kuril Dhagun in October 2013
  6. 6. Fryer Library Reading Room, University of Queensland, Brisbane
  7. 7. Main Reading Room, The Mitchell Library, Sydney Items of Interest * E.S Marks Collection (chairman of Australian Olympic Federation; vice chairman o0f the NSW Olympic Council and chairman of the British Empire Games Australian Division) * Papers of Olympic athletes including Basil Dickinson (athletics) and Shane Gould (swimmer)
  8. 8. National Library of Australia, Canberra
  9. 9. National Library of Australia from Lake Burley Griffin
  10. 10. La Trobe Reading Room, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
  11. 11. Melbourne Museum
  12. 12. Items from Centre for Olympic Studies Ephemera Collection
  13. 13. Off-piste The Edge provides Queenslanders with the opportunity and inspiration to explore creativity across the arts, technology, science and enterprise. us/corporate/the-edge The Edge is an initiative of State Library of Queensland, creatively engaging the next generation of library users and continuing State Library’s leadership in reimagining libraries for the 21st century. 3d Printing available to the general public, part financed through crowd funding at
  14. 14. • Candidates encouraged to take up hospitality with branches and attend local ESU events. - cut costs - social engagements * Remember to leave time for yourself! Queensland Parliament House, Brisbane Otway National Park, Melbourne Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Library & Tom Keneally Centre, Sydney
  15. 15. Visit the blog
  16. 16. benefits/careers-advice-and-support/grants-and- bursaries/travelling Travelling Librarian Award 2014
  17. 17. Outcomes and Applications • Asked to establish and lead a cross-service CWG Collections Working Group (2 reps each from libraries, museums and arhives). • Develop Glasgow Libraries CWG Action Plan • Contribute to the Mitchell Library’s new collecting policy for major international events. • Currently working on presenting a business case to senior managers seeking approval for a Wikimedian in Residence at the Mitchell Library.
  18. 18. Action Plan
  19. 19. Application Process • Cover Letter • - short personal profile and context of your application • - statement of objectives • - outline programme of institutions and collections • - intention to share experience and good practice (blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) • Interview • - specific projects you are working on • - demonstrate research and preparation for the scholarship • - define intended outcomes and application in your own workplace • - reference letter from employer
  20. 20. Pre-Tour lunch in London • Informal lunch with a Cilip and ESU representative, possible Guy Daines and Mary Greer • Travel expenses will be paid • Opportunity for visits elsewhere in London?
  21. 21.