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Net neutrality - State of play in the EU


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Workshop during #FNF12 on the state of play of net neutrality in the EU institutions and ideas for national campaigns - in cooperation with Thomas Lohninger, Initiative für Netzfreiheit (First part:

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Net neutrality - State of play in the EU

  1. 1. Net neutrality in the EUState of Play
  2. 2. Net neutrality in Europe● September 2010: Commission consultation● October 2011: EDPS opinion● November 2011: European Parliament resolution● December 2011: Council conclusions● December 2011: BEREC consultation on transparency● May 2012: BEREC report & consultations on discrimination, QoS and IP-interconnection● July 2012: Commission consultation (deadline 15 October)
  3. 3. Safeguarding Net neutrality?➔ Transparency➔ Consumer Choice➔ Possibility to switch operators photo: cc by re:publica
  4. 4. The internet
  5. 5. Champagne services
  6. 6. Action – EU level● Respond to the open consultation (deadline 15 October):● Report cases of violations of net neutrality:
  7. 7. Action – national level● National campaigns Example: Digitale Gesellschaft: ● Flyers, ● Post cards ● ● ...