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Results of survey


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Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine
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Results of survey

  1. 1. RESULTS OF SURVEY ‘Your Family Pets Health’
  2. 2. If your family pet were to have an accident and require the amputation of a limb would you allow the procedure to take place or would you consent to their euthanasia? • 81% said they would consent to the amputation • 19% said they would have them put down. • I would expect a higher number of people to have consented to the amputation rather than lose their pet but then again it must be expected that different people value their pet at different levels. In the next question I asked the reasoning behind participants answers.
  3. 3. If you chose the option of having your pet put down please select an option below: 1. I do not trust vets. 0% 2. I would not want my animal to lose a leg and look ugly. 5% 3. I would find it too upsetting. 30% 4. I do not believe my animal would have a high enough quality of life with a missing limb. 30% 5. The money implication is too much. 10% 6. Other: 25% ‘The vets fees cost a bomb’ ‘I don’t have a pet’ ‘I don’t like my pet much to be honest’ ‘I hate my cat’ ‘Fate will decide when my dog dies not me’ I would have predicted that the main reason for people not consenting to the amputation would be either money or lack of quality of life. I was surprised by the only 10% of money.
  4. 4. Would you consider a new uncertain procedure to replace the amputated limb of your pet? • Yes - 59.14% • No -31.18% • Depends -9.68% The majority of people would consent to a new uncertain procedure which is also surprising as generally people are resistant to use unknown procedures. ITAP is a new procedure that shows however a high level of success.
  5. 5. If you were to allow the procedure to take place how much would you be willing to pay? Up to £200 2.33% Up to £500 9.30% Up to £1000 12.79% Up to £2000 16.28% No limit 59.30% The percentages rise as the price does which is an indication that to most pet owners money does not dictate their decisions. I have to account for the fact that the majority of my participants were my age or less so their views on the bill may not be the same as they don’t pay it. I included as many options as I saw suitable to encourage people to think about it rather than just launch into the first option proposed.
  6. 6. The overall results of my survey did surprise me in some areas which I have highlighted in the individual slides. If I had the opportunity I would include more questions but participants are resistant to answer long questions and prefer a simple understandable format. I will use the evidence I have collected here in my essay.