Frosty 2012


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A little ditty about Frosty the Snowman's visit to the Brown's home.

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Frosty 2012

  1. 1. Of all the stories that have been read,Only one has been left for dead.When Rudolph’s nosefailed to cut through the fog, Santa called on his good friend (no, not his dog). From this story one must not grieve,For this was Frosty’s first and last Christmas eve.
  2. 2. It was on that Christmas Eve, so foggy. When Santa and his reindeer—ever so groggy— Realized that even Rudolph’s red nose blinking on, Wouldn’t penetrate the pea soup blanketing Umpqua, Oregon..Dasher was depressed, and Santa perplexed
  3. 3. Santa thought and thought. What could be done?Mrs. Brown had been sogood this past year…not so her husband. “She deserves a little something this year,” He sighed with the drop of each little tear.
  4. 4. “Ah-Ha!” Santa had a fantastic idea in his little dome. “I will send Frosty the Snowman to find this home. “Frosty was sent off to finda landing strip, and to sendthe coordinates back to thesleigh.If any one could do it, Goodole Frosty could find theway !
  5. 5. Success! Being as quiet as a mouse, He positionedhimself in front of the house
  6. 6. This is a great place—it even hada lighted landing strip. Frosty radioed in the coordinates, just before he let it rip…
  7. 7. That which arose from Frosty’s lower part caused such a clatter,That he knew someone would come to see what was the matter.Not to be found,He left in a bound!However, he leaves quite a trail,His escape soon would fail…
  8. 8. Frosty, in order get tothe shelter of the woods, did make haste.Uh-oh…I think Frosty is alittle scared! His face as white as paste.
  9. 9. The fog that night was so dense, That identification wasn’t possible beyond the fence “Stop! what is the password before you pass this way?” The cry came out from the darkness “Go ahead Punk, make my day.” A password system was in effectThings were not looking so that night.good for our advance scout, And poor Frosty froze, lookingHis hiding place had been down the twin barrels in fright.found out....
  10. 10. Wrong password, punk!
  11. 11. And another shot for good measure! Why not just double my pleasure? This is why Frosty is no He had the longer misfortune of mentioned in coming to visitthe Christmas the Browns’ songs and unannounced poems with that year!Santa and his reindeer
  12. 12. Merry Christmas to all(except maybe Frosty),and to all a good night!