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3 Faces of Kaizen


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Describes How Kaizen Works.

Published in: Software
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3 Faces of Kaizen

  1. 1. 3 Faces of Kaizen Kiro Harada Attractor Inc.
  2. 2. 改� 善
  3. 3. Are you doing Kaizen?
  4. 4. How’s your Kaizen?
  5. 5. Like this? 90 67.5 45 22.5 0 Productivity # of Kaizen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  6. 6. You need to Learn How Kaizen Works
  7. 7. Fix Leaks Make it Flow Create a New Stream
  8. 8. 3 Faces of Kaizen Fix Leaks Make it Flow Create a New Stream
  9. 9. Fix Leaks Make sure your stream creates value: Slow Down / Stop Observe How your Process Works Focus on Effectiveness Efficiency doesn’t matter Fix Leaks
  10. 10. Never Try to Accelerate Make you highly Efficient in Producing Wastes Software with Bugs (Waste) Test with Bugs (Waste) Feature Nobody Uses (Wate)
  11. 11. Don’t Fix your Product Fix your Process
  12. 12. Toyoda Type G Automatic Loom (1924),_Type_G_1.jpg
  13. 13. This loom was special: It automatically stops when a thread is broken. It only produces good product. STOP if you find any quality problems.
  14. 14. Make It Flow Your Stream is Now Creating Values Constantly Make It Flow: Remove impediments Reduce necessary inputs (Resource / Actions / Time) Now Efficiency Matters Value Adding Time / Incidental Time / Waste Time Value Adding Processes Eliminate Wastes Keep Quality and Output Amount Same Never try to improve Quality. Never try to increase Output. Make it Flow
  15. 15. Training within Industry
  16. 16. Job Methods E - Eliminate C - Combine R - Rearrange S - Simplify
  17. 17. To make your work Easier and Safer
  18. 18. Never try to Accelerate Remove Impediments Make IT SAFER and EASIER Then You will Naturally Accelerates
  19. 19. Create a New Stream Create a New Stream Your Value Stream Smoothly Flows You Feel Safe and Easy to Work You have spare Time, Resource and Energy. Time to Consider if you can make a new stream: Uncontinuous Process Change Change of Product Definition
  20. 20. It’s time for Fun. You can try whatever you like. Current stream flows safely and easily.: You already have spare time, resource and energy. Try Something Crazy.
  21. 21. But never try to Accelerate Design a new stream to deliver better quality and value But still makes a lot of wastes. Observe carefully. Effectiveness and Quality matter. If you are confident your new stream outperforms your existing stream, face ‘Fix Leaks’ again.
  22. 22. If something went wrong… Always get back to the previous phase. Never try to do the multiple phases at the same time. Dangerous for your product, your process and you.
  23. 23. Thank you. Never never try to Accelerate. Be Safe to continuously Kaizen. Feel free to contact me at: Kiro Harada Twitter: @haradakiro FB: haradakiro