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How to attend a meeting


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A guide for members of the public wishing to attend a Kirklee scrutiny meeting

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How to attend a meeting

  1. 1. How to attend a Scrutiny meeting and what to expect Overview and Scrutiny
  2. 2. • Scrutiny meetings are open and transparent and public are welcome to attend. • Scrutiny Panels meet approximately 6-weekly • Management Committee meet monthly • Additional meetings are held when appropriate. Meetings
  3. 3. • Most meetings held during the day and are accessible and within easy reach by public transport • All public meetings have an agenda published 7 days before the meeting setting out items for discussion & including background information
  4. 4. Scrutiny meetings are published on the Council website
  5. 5. • No notice to attend required • If you wish you can attend for part of the meeting only • Meetings are formal although the Chair will conduct in a friendly and courteous manner • Dedicated seating area for members of the public
  6. 6. • Public can potentially speak at Chair’s discretion • Some meetings are webcast to increase public accessibility to meetings, - these can be viewed from the Council’s website
  7. 7. For further information, please contact the Scrutiny Team:  01484 221000   Crown Court Buildings Princess Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2TT