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Ignite Presentation - Internal Communication: DO IT OR ELSE!


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Internal communication is critical. Communicating with your employees is more important than communicating with your customers. Creating a culture that encourages open dialogue and makes employees comfortable sharing their views is important for your success.

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Ignite Presentation - Internal Communication: DO IT OR ELSE!

  1. 1. Internal Communication DO IT OR ELSE! By Kirk Englehardt
  2. 2. Second Class Citizens
  3. 3. Guess I Made A New Friend
  4. 4. Not Glamorous
  5. 5. Insulated
  6. 6. Isolated (…but the cake looks yummy, huh?)
  7. 7. He’s Serious About Strategy
  8. 8. Call Me Mr. Feedback!
  9. 9. I’m So Shy
  10. 10. Challenge Us…We Dare You!
  11. 11. Are You Excited Yet? …Can I Stop Yelling?
  12. 12. Ah, So This Is How I Fit In?
  13. 13. Stuff You Didn’t Tell Him
  14. 14. Doesn’t Mean ‘Lucky’
  15. 15. These Are Real Tears
  16. 16. Trickle Down Only Works Here
  17. 17. Not Very Strong
  18. 18. I’m Upside Down Look How Engaged I Am
  19. 19. Internal Communication Is The Key