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Chill deck


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Published in: Investor Relations
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Chill deck

  1. 1. The first communication tool that finally makes sense for wearable devices
  2. 2. The screens get smaller The way we communicate changes Email Twitter Chill
  3. 3. This was the problem This is the solution Why Chill?
  4. 4. Swipe Select Chill!
  5. 5. Contextual communication is the future of the wearable device messaging A selfie or a location in the context of a certain situation mean more than we can express with words Why? It’s easier to consume from tiny screens
  6. 6. Market opportunities * The market is small now = we get a bigger share on the start * Market going to grow tremendously = the product will be accelerated by the market
  7. 7. Early adopters 500 000 worth social media community …and the list growing on a daily basis people
  8. 8. iOS Tested over TestFlight Android/ Wear Pre launch tests Apple Watch Finalising
  9. 9. Team Business Kirill Greg Ilya James Haft <iOS> <Android> Advisor
  10. 10. @app_chill