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Social Media in the Catholic Church of Upper Austria


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European Christian Internet Conference, Rome
11th - 14th June 2012

Published in: Spiritual
  • Seminário sobre Internet no universo católico em Roma
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Social Media in the Catholic Church of Upper Austria

  1. 1. Social Mediain the Churchof UpperAustriaEuropean Christian InternetConference, Rome11th - 14th June 2012
  2. 2. Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi● Social Media Manager in the Communications Office of the Catholic Church of Upper Austria and for „Katholische Aktion“ (official lay people organisation)● „Digital Native“●
  3. 3. Social Media ispersonal communication! The joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the wo/men of this age … Gaudium et Spes, 2nd Vatican Council
  4. 4. What can you do as SocialMedia Manager with15 hours a weekin a area with 1 MillionCatholic Christians? ReduceSome Components ... to the max
  5. 5. Our Strength as a church● A very, very good message.● A lot of volonteers.● Lay people are credible witnesses of the Gospel.
  6. 6. Social Media is aBottum-up-Development You cannot organize personal communication in a centralicist way.
  7. 7. Social Mediais a CharismaEverybody whowants to do,should havethe possibilityto communicatein the Social Web.Not everybodyhas to do it.Exception: Youth work.
  8. 8. The „Job“ of the Church● Support● Networking● Infrastructure (like Wifi in church locations)● Specific „best practice“ projects● Guideslines
  9. 9. Catholic Church of Upper AustriaA lot of decentralSocial Media Channels● Facebook and Twitter-Profiles and Blogs of Persons (lay people and priests)● Facebook pages and groups – parishes – youth groups, youth centers, ... – Catholic Womens Movement, ... – thematic Pages like „Workfree Sunday“, „Pilgrimages“, ...
  10. 10. Catholic Church of Upper AustriaSupport platform and blog onChurch and Social Mediahttp://kirche20.atIndividual Counselling for parishes andchurch organisationsEducation: basic know-how forprofessionals and volunteers (know-howconnects and is the basis for decicions)Barcamp once a yearInternational networking: trends, ...
  11. 11. Catholic Church of Upper AustriaSupport platform and blog onChurch and Social Media
  12. 12. Catholic Church of Upper AustriaNetwork for bloggersBlog aggregation
  13. 13. Catholic Church of Upper AustriaSpecific projectsWifi offensive for church locations *Geocaching *Community for pilgrimsCrowdsourcing „Day of Parish Pic“App for youth work methodics(Catholic Youth) *Crowdsourcing quotations on2nd Vatican Council (Catholic Action) ** not jet arranged or not ready
  14. 14. Thank you!
  15. 15. Who is sitting on this couch?
  16. 16. We do not use the Internet, we live on the Internet and along it.Piotr Czerski
  17. 17. Who uses Social Media?Based on empiric studies like „Sinusstudie“Net people are mostly● postmodern-minded, have multi-optional lifestyles● do not persive religion and church in their daily livesTypically „churchly people“ are often DigitalOutsiders or Immigrants.→ You cannot reach a lot of typically „churchlypeople“ via social media activities.→ You can make new contacts with baptizedpeople and others.
  18. 18. Net inculturation*Mutual learning process Experience realm of net people Message of the Gospel * A concept of mission theology
  19. 19. God love Geeks
  20. 20. Credits Pics:Buttons: Flickr CC by-nc-sa KEXINOHands: Flickr CC by-nc-sa FotoRita [Allstar maniac]Digital Native: Flickr CC by-sa Gideon BurtonFrau – Mac: Flickr CC by-nc-sa kk+God live Geeks: Flickr CC by rhurtubiaLego: Flickr CC by-nc-sa ZanthiaSofa: Flickr CC by-nc-sa DigitalnativeIpads: Flickr CC by-nc-sa waferbaby