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#70 prozent


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#70percent #70prozent
An oecomenical Social Media project
#Twitter #Facebook

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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#70 prozent

  1. 1. #70percentAn oecumenical Social Media project
  2. 2. Idea● Session @ Relicamp May 2012 (Barcamp)● How to change talking about religious issues?● 5% can turn multitudes● 7 Persons planned a twitter campaign● Webpage set up during night● Starting tweeting after Twitter Service on Sunday May 13th
  3. 3. Message● 70% of people in German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) are members of a Christian church.● We are happy about this!● We share our happiness and talk about it.● We argue for religion as a public issue.● Negative Facts.● Hashtag on Twitter: #70prozent
  4. 4. Communication Channels● Twitter Hashtag: #70prozent● Twitter Account: @70prozent_org● Website with all Tweets and Blog:● Facebook-Page:
  5. 5. Reactions● Discussions @ Twitter: more than 70% positive● Reports about the Project: ● Blogs ● ● ● ● ● YouCat ...
  6. 6. The question● How does it work in the long run?● Is this maybe a good strategy for other countries or internationally? @ebel
  7. 7. Thank you!Andrea Mayer-EdoloeyiSocial Media ManagerCatholic Church of Upper Austria