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a seminar on summer vocational training in BSNL


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summer training

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a seminar on summer vocational training in BSNL

  1. 1. By : Dheeraj Pathak 5EC29 a Presentation Seminar for Summer Vocational Training 1
  2. 2. About ALTTC Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC), Ghaziabad is the apex training institute of BSNL. An ISO 9001: 2008 accredited institute, ALTTC was set up as a joint venture of International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, UNDP and the Government of India in 1975. ALTTC functions on the frontiers of telecom technology, finance and management and imparts training to the leaders in the business. The strength of ALTTC lies in the state of art labs, massive infrastructure and trained, talented and qualified human resource pool. The Centre's Mission statement is "To Deliver Excellence Through Training". The training areas cover vast spectrum of topics such as Digital Switching and IN; Mobile Communication: GSM, 3G, CDMA; Data communication and Information Technology: MPLS, VPN, Broadband, IPv6, Database Administration, Server Administartion, IT Security; Optical Networks: SDH, DWDM, NGSDH, NGN, Access Networks, Management, Telecom Finance, Building Science (Civil and Electrical) and Telecom Network Planning 2
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  4. 4. What is Telecommunication ? Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves. 4
  5. 5. Switching Switching is basically establishing a temporary path or connection between two points or it can also be defined as writing at one point of time and reading at another point of time. There are two modes of switching employed in our network. • Circuit Switching •Packet Switching 5
  6. 6. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is the aggregate of the world's circuit-switched telephone networks that are operated by national, regional, or local telephone operators, providing infrastructure and services for public telecommunication. 6
  8. 8. Multiple Access FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access • Each user on a different frequency • A channel is a frequency TDMA Time Division Multiple Access • Each user on a different window period in time (“time slot”) • A channel is a specific time slot on a specific frequency CDMA Code Division Multiple Access • A channel is a unique code pattern • Each user uses the same frequency all the time, but mixed with different distinguishing code patterns 8
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  10. 10. IP ADDRESSINNG 10 Each host on a TCP/IP network is uniquely identified at the IP layer with an address. An Internet Protocol (IP) address specifies the location of a host or client on the Internet. The IP address is also known as Protocol address The IPv4 address is 32 bits long
  11. 11. IPv4 Address Scheme 11 •In decimal the address range is to •The IP address is of the form <networkID,hostID>
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  13. 13. ROUTERS 13 Router is a device which connects different networks-frequently over a large distances. A router is a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork.
  14. 14. CONTINUE… 14 Router operates in network layer of OSI model
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  17. 17. TYPES OF ROUTER 17 Core Router:  core router is used to connect different cities.  CISCO 12000 series is ex. of core router. Provide EDGE Router:  this router is used to connect users/hosts.  CISCO 7600 series is ex. of provide EDGE router.
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