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Participatory communication


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communication with the participation of audience..

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Participatory communication

  1. 1. Topic – Participatory Communication, its meaning, importance, process and determinants Submitted by:- Kiran Paul
  2. 2. overview •Participation •People Participation •Communication •Participatory Communication •Importance
  3. 3. Participation Participation means the act of sharing, involving in any activity.
  4. 4. People Participation People participation defined as the process of giving priority to people perspective in identifying and analyzing their problem and opportunities and improving the situation through their self-mobilization.
  5. 5. Communication Is derived from the Latin word communis which means commonness, sharing of a common message, information and idea.
  6. 6. Participative Communication Participatory communication can be defined as that type of communication in which all the interlocutor are feel and have equal access to the means to express their viewpoints, feeling and experience.
  7. 7. Importance of Participatory Communication For participants Interesting Motivation Active participation
  8. 8. Time management Accurate information For organizer Take closer look at people Understanding the problem
  9. 9. For both participants and organizer Interaction quality Equal opportunity participation
  10. 10. Process of Participatory Communication