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Tips for Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

Tips for Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

  1.<br />
  2. 50% of them are poorly planned, poorly delivered or just unbearable <br />
  3. 4Types of Presentations<br />
  4. presentations that I N F O R M<br />Let people KNOW something<br />
  5. presentations that A D V O C A T E<br />Let people KNOW and FEEL something<br />
  6. presentations that are F O R S H O W<br />Let people SEE something<br />
  7. presentations thatS E L L<br />To make people believe you and buy<br />
  8. 1<br />MESSAGESTORY<br />
  9. The best presentation may be no presentation at all<br />
  10. 7x7rule<br />
  11. O<br />7x7rule<br />
  12. Templates and Bullets<br />
  13. Consecutive bullets canKILL your presentation<br />
  14. “<br />A presentation should have 10 slides, last no more than 20 minutes, and contain no font smaller than 30 points.<br />Guy Kawasaki<br />“<br />
  15. “<br />Slides often contain just a single word, short phrase, or a photo synchronized.<br />Lawrence Lessig<br />“<br />
  16. Use professional images.No dissolves, spins, or transitions. Complement.<br />“<br />“<br />Seth Godin<br />
  17. FACE orPRESENTATION <br />
  18. Let’s make BETTER presentations<br />VISUALIZE<br />ORGANIZE<br />TELL A STORY<br />
  19. Today, people are 90% visual. <br />VISUALIZE<br />
  20. Present with CON-text<br />not just text<br />Words + Pictures &gt; Words<br />Visualize what you will say and how you will say it<br />
  21. Avoid using clipart<br />Select real meaningful images<br />If you don’t have a good picture, don’t put any<br />30pt should be your smallest font size<br />
  22. Kiran’s Simple Design Rules<br />1 Idea per slide<br />2 Fonts at most<br />3 Matching colors at most<br />4-tos Not clipart<br />
  23. “<br />Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. <br />ORGANIZE<br />“<br />
  24. Structure your presentation<br />Establish rapport<br />Greet and state your objective<br />Start interesting<br />Create a smooth slide flow<br />End with a BANG<br />
  25. Slidumentation is not acceptable<br />Do not copy-paste from books/internet<br />Make your OWN slides<br />
  26. Creating effective slides is just half the battle, DELIVERY<br />is another challenge.<br />TELL A STORY<br />
  27. Connect<br />Be conversational<br />Ask questions <br />Look at your audience<br />
  28. NICE TO SEE YOU!<br />HELLO!<br />Be an EmoticonHumorGesturesFace-to-Face interaction<br />DID YOU KNOW?<br />HE HE HE!<br />
  29. Orchestra dudeBENJAMIN ZANDER<br />
  30. Steve Jobs<br />
  31. Deliver with confidence<br />Know your slides beforehand<br />Talk slowly but clearly<br />
  32. Take short breaks to maintain attention<br />Make presentations to express<br />Slides are not notes<br />So DO NOT READ<br />
  33. After all,your audience came to LISTEN TO YOU(not to read your slides)<br />
  34. Creating presentations is NOT EASY<br />RULES are just RULES<br />
  35. Prepare Well Think Out of the BoxBe InterestingInspire<br />
  36. All this leads toWOW<br />this leads to<br />WW<br />PRESENTATIONS<br />and GOOD GRADES<br /><br />