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Lance additions milberg 2


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Lance additions milberg 2

  1. 1. Lance J. Sussman, Ph.D. Joan Myerson Shrager, M.Ed. Edward Percy Moran 1913
  3. 3. In Their Eyes: Images of the Jew in the Early National Period Hannah Adams, Charles Dibden, History of the Jews “The Jew and the (1812)Doctor” (1799), played in Philadelphia
  4. 4. Hidden Identities: Lorenzo Da Ponte 1749-1838Born Jewish in Italy, he was forcibly converted as a child. The librettist ofMozart’s Don Giovanni, The marriage of Figaro, and Cosi fan Tutte, Da Ponteemigrated to America in 1805 and became a professor of Italian at Columbia.
  5. 5. Alexander Hamilton 1755-1804The progress of the Jews ... from their earliest history to the present time has been and is entirelyout of the ordinary course of human affairs. Is it not then a fair conclusion that the cause also is an extraordinary one - in other words, that it is the effect of some great providential plan? In arenowned legal case, Hamilton challenged the opposing counsel: Why distrust the evidence of the Jews? Discredit them and you destroy the Christian religion....
  6. 6. Sephardic Jewish Pirate?Jean Lafitte 1776-1823 Lafitte, The Corsair, established a pirate kingdom in swamps of New Orleans, and led more than 1,000 men during the War of 1812.
  7. 7. American Jews Enter Higher Education Sampson Simson 1800 Columbia College College Hall, 1800 NYC US Army Officers 1805 Simon Magruder Levy, 1802, Cadet 1st Class West Point
  8. 8. David Stone NC Governor 1808-1810 Beginning of speech he made inNorth Carolina House of Commons Home of Jacob Henry Beaufort, NC
  9. 9. ANTE-BELLUM AMERICA 1815 -1860First American Stained Glass Jewish Star Window, Baltimore 1844
  10. 10. In The Shadow of Shylock: Jews in Ante-Bellum American Literature
  11. 11. Briggs’ Character Of Mr.Charles F. Briggs Isaacs, Ugly’ Jewish, Skinflint Swindler Modeled After Shylock 1839
  12. 12. George Lippard Portrays a malevolent hump-backed Jewish character, Gabriel Van Gelt, whoforges, swindles, blackmails, and commits murder for money. Bestselling book in US prior to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, published 1845
  13. 13. “The Old Jewish Cemetery at Newport” “But ah! what once has been shall be no more!The groaning earth in travail and in pain Brings forth its races, but does not restore, And the dead nations never rise again.” HWL 1854
  14. 14. About Jews:“The ugliest, most evil-minded people…[who resemble] maggots when they overpopulate a decaying cheese.” 1860
  16. 16. Maryland Jew Bill 1826 Thomas Kennedy, Legislator "The legislature of this state adjourned on Saturday last. The Jew bill, as it is called--or a bill to alter the constitution so as to relieve persons from political disqualifications on account of their religious opinions, has again passed both branches of the legislature--in the house of delegates by a vote of 26 to 25; only 51 out of 80 members being present. Before it is effective it must be passed by the next succeeding legislature..."
  17. 17. Politics David Levy Yulee Lewis Charles Levin Member of U.S. House of Representatives US Senator from Florida 1845-51 Pennsylvanias 1st districtElected to the Senate again in 1855, Yulee served (November 10, 1808-March 14, 1860) Philadelphia until January 21, 1861, when he withdrew from politician, prominent Know Nothing, and anti-the Senate after Florida seceded. He joined the Catholic social activist of the 1840s and 1850s. Served Congress of the Confederacy. In 1865 after the three terms in Congress (U.S. House of war, Yulee was imprisoned in Fort Pulaski for Representatives, 1845–51), representing the nine months due to his participation in the Pennsylvania 1st District. Considered to have been Confederate government. first Jewish Congressman
  18. 18. Rachel Mordechai and Maria EdgeworthHarrington (1817) is the personal narrative of a recovering anti-Semite, a young man whosephobia of Jews is instilled in early childhood and who must unlearn his irrational prejudice when he falls in love with the daughter of a Spanish Jew. In this novel, Edgeworth attempts to challenge prejudice and to show how literary representations affect public policy, whileat the same time interrogating contemporary understandings of freedom in English society.
  19. 19. Ivanhoe (1820) and thecharacter Rebecca, daughter of Isaac of York
  20. 20. La Juive (1835), A Painful Call For Tolerance By J.Halevy First performed in New York in 1838, it became a staple of the Opera House of New Orleans in the 1840’s and subsequently one of the most popular operas in the US. French Jewish Composer,Founder of the Grand Opera tradition Caruso as Eleazar c. 1920
  21. 21. Solomon Henry Jackson, Hebrew Printer published the first American Jewish newspaper, The Jew, 1820, in response to Joseph Frey’s missionary work to convert the American Jews to Christianity.Joseph Frey Apostate
  22. 22. Mordecai Manuel Noah 1785 - 1851 American playwright, diplomat, journalist, and utopian. Born into family of Portuguese Sephardic ancestry. Appointed by President Madison to AmericanConsulates in Riga 1811 and Tunis 1813. Later Noah was a well known Jacksonian politician.
  23. 23. Isaac Harby 1788-1828 Letter to James Monroe
  24. 24. Penina Moïse 1797-1880
  25. 25. Abraham Hart:America’s Leading Book Publisher 1850’s
  26. 26. Rabbi Jacques Judah Lyons and theBeginning of ‘American Jewish History’
  27. 27. “There’s No Place Like Home” Early American Jewish SongwritersJohn Payne 1823 Home Sweet Home Henry Russell The Old Armchair
  28. 28. Louis Moreau Gottschalk: Virtuoso 1828-1869
  29. 29. Solomon Nunes Carvalho, 1771-1817: Jews in the Visual ArtsPainting of Interior of Beth Elohim Synagogue 1838
  30. 30. Created in Our Image: Judaism In AmericaDr. Jacob De La Motta Letter from James Madison
  31. 31. Isaac Leeser: Champion of American Jewish Orthodoxy
  32. 32. Issac M. Wise:Organizer of Reform Judaism At a service after Lincoln’s assassination Wise said: “He is a sin-offering for our iniquities.” Letter from Leeser to Wise Not dated
  33. 33. ANTE BELLUM JEWS IN BUSINESS Emanuel and Mayer Lehman. Joseph Seligman (1819–1880) Originally from Germany, the prominent American banker and Lehman family arrived in America businessman. With his brothers,1844, settling in Alabama. In the late he started a bank, J. & W. 1850’s, their business shifted Seligman & Co., with branches in to New York City and they became New York, San Francisco, New top cotton brokers. Orleans, London, Paris and Frankfurt.Underwrote Standard Oil Co.
  34. 34. AMERICAN JEWS DEBATE SLAVERY Moses Mielziner 1861
  35. 35. David Einhorn 1809-1879 Rabbi of Keneseth Israel Synagogue, PA, 1866In sermon "War with Amalek!" based on Exodus 17, Einhorn said, "We are told that this crime [slavery] rests upon a historical right! … Slavery is an institution sanctioned by the Bible, hence war against it is war against, and not for, God! It has everbeen a strategy of the advocate of a bad cause to take refuge from the spirit of the Bible to its letter… ."
  36. 36. Judah P. BenjaminLeading Jewish defender of slavery. CSA Secretary Of State
  37. 37. Ernestine Rose: Women’s Rights And Suffrage,Abolition Of U.S. Slavery And Religious Free Thought
  38. 38. First Rabbinic Commentary Published In The United States By Rabbi Y. Falk, 1860