Christopher McMahan, AIA, LEED Portfolio


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Christopher McMahan Architect, Inc. provides planning and complete design services for higher education, non-profit organizations, and real estate development; focused on sustainable and innovative design.

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Christopher McMahan, AIA, LEED Portfolio

  1. 1. Christopher McMahan is a design architect for higher education, mission-driven organizations, and real estate development with over twenty years experience in New England and New York City. Based in Providence, his experience has ranged from the planning and design of large-scale commercial development sites to numerous buildings for universities, religious, and arts organizations.
  2. 2. This expansion project developed new spaces and reorganized existing configurations to meet the tremendous increase in student enrollment. Key components included creating a distinctly welcoming social environment by providing multiple places to gather and interact, new laboratory classrooms, a centralized student- services center and an expanded childcare area, for a 26,000 sf addition and 18,000 sf of renovated space in the existing 1972 building. A new east entry curtain wall vestibule provides a much-needed designated front entry to the main building and places the entry path square on axis with the main rotunda. Community College of RI – Liston Campus Additions/Renovations – Providence, RI* * For RGB as Design Architect
  3. 3. 97,000 sf of additions and 43,000 sf of renovations to the 1968 concrete mega-structure expanded the facility to meet current needs and standards. The program analysis and design cut across the curriculum of eight departments and reorganized the greater part of six existing levels. Key components include a distinctive new "front door" to the overall complex for Student Services, new distance- learning class rooms, a multimedia production lab, Board Room, computer classrooms, and an interactive presentation room to increase interactivity in the building and between satellite campuses. Community College of Rhode Island – Knight Campus Additions + Alterations – Warwick, RI* * For RGB as Design Architect * For RGB as Principal Architect
  4. 4. NORTH TOWER 15 FLRS x 20 BEDS = 300 BEDS 168,000 SF. +/- 560 SF. PER STUDENT SOUTH TOWER 13 FLRS x 28 BEDS = 364 BEDS 175,500 SF. +/- 480 SF. PER STUDENT TOTAL BEDS: 664 BEDS PARKING BASE: 350 CARS 2 LOBBY SPACES, RETAIL SPACE, BUILDING SERVICES: 24,000 SF. Davol Square – Graduate Student Housing Study - Providence, RI
  5. 5. The new Providence Courtyard by Marriott high-rise hotel and garage was built on the former Union Station railroad trestle pile caps, designed to meet Rhode Island's historic preservation standards and the design criteria of the Capital Center District Commission. The nine story structure responds to the urban context to convey the architectural character of the adjacent historic train terminal group dating to 1894. A complex series of approvals and variances were obtained during the entitlement period, which were directly integrated in the design process and value- engineering. Union Station Plaza – Hotel and Garage – Providence, RI* * For RGB as Design Architect
  6. 6. This new 46,000 sf facility for a Catholic co- educational high school expanded its science program to provide students with more laboratory classrooms, and created a larger cafeteria. The site plan was developed by shaping the building footprint as a transitional form on a connecting axis from the main classroom building to the playing fields and parking areas. A labyrinth inscribed in the cross axis marks the transition to Campus Ministry and a new chapel. Extensive value engineering with the Construction Manager delivered the scope and quality of the project goals within the $8 million budget. LaSalle Academy – Science and Student Services Center – Providence, RI* * For RGB as Design Architect
  7. 7. The campus context to create a collegiate "village" was completed by adding a string of new residence halls housing 192 students in 4-person apartments opposite two low-rise c. 1970 dorms. Cohesiveness was created in texture and scale with an internal landscaped court space to gather a sense of community and identity to the complex. Constituent brainstorming sessions led to a design that fits into a footprint within wetlands and zoning boundaries. Precise design studies produced four- and six- person apartment plans that address private and public needs, creating gathering spaces along the connecting corridors and bridges while also meeting strict budget limits on buildable area. Fairfield University – Village Apartments – Fairfield, CT* * For RGB as Design Architect
  8. 8. Design studies were performed to obtain a zoning change from Neighborhood Residential to Planned Village District based on a variety of housing cluster types. The site is designed to accommodate 64 dwelling units with twenty percent of the total to be affordable units as defined by the Town of North Kingstown. The community is programmed for the +55 residential market based on contemporary standards. The historic lodge on the site will be maintained in its location and renovated as a clubhouse amenity for community use in a common open space. Wickford Harbor Estates - North Kingstown, RI
  9. 9. The rehabilitation of Rosedale Apartments, c. 1939 Art Moderne landmark property, received an award from the RI Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission in 2008 for an appropriate restoration, renovation and upgrades to building and site In principal, all materials and surfaces were either removed and replaced or refinished. Any remaining exposed existing surfaces were stripped and recoated. All building systems were either replaced entirely or significantly upgraded to current code for Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Life Safety, Building Envelope, Windows and Interior Finishes. Rosedale Landing - Restoration – Cranston, RI* * For RGB as Principal Architect
  10. 10. Temple Emanu-El is a Conservative congregation of approximately 1,000 families. Beginning with a master plan analysis of existing conditions and recommendations for capital improvements, a series of projects at Temple Emanu-El over an eleven-year period, including masonry restorations, interior renovations to the Main Sanctuary, and the creation of a new Chapel. The Main Sanctuary finishes were upgraded with a reshaped, curved Bimah for improved flow and a handicap lift for access. Lighting and acoustics were improved for greater comfort and communication. Temple Emanu-El – Main Sanctuary Renovations – Providence, RI* * For RGB as Principal Architect
  11. 11. The School Building addition provides a new everyday entry for Temple Emanu-El members to use the Chapel, Library, Rabbis’ offices and business office and conference rooms, with a very active life of the building activities from morning Minyan on through evening Minyan. The new entrance relocates the Chapel to a more accessible second floor with a new elevator to connect all three floors, and creates a secure point of control. The windows of the main block are linked around the new Aron Kodesh, abstracted from the tallit worn at morning services and Shabbat. Temple Emanu-El – Additions and Renovations to the School Building – Providence, RI* * For RGB as Principal Architect
  12. 12. The Warwick Intermodal Station located 1,000 feet to the west of the Sundlun Terminal is connected over streets and parking lots by an elevated people mover, which transitions at the Arrival/Departure access roads. The Bridge construction spans 140 feet as a space frame system, where the glazing changes shape and transparency to mark the arrival axis. The west tower support provides egress and security access to the short-term parking. The tower near the baggage claim area provides escalators to the bridge and on to the people-mover connecting train, bus and car rental nodes. TF Green Airport – Intermodal Bridge – Warwick, RI * For RGB as Design Architect
  13. 13. The Rhode Island Philharmonic and VMA Arts & Cultural Center proposed the creation of a multifaceted performance and music education center. The Center proposal expands the attached office building to house classrooms, practice rooms and rehearsal- recital halls, a gallery, small café, bookstore, and event room. A skywalk from the Providence Place Mall parking garage bridges the street. The Veterans Memorial Auditorium will be renovated to include new seats in the concert hall, expanded state-of- the-art dressing rooms, loading facilities and new climate control system. The Center - Veterans Memorial Auditorium Master Plan - Providence, RI
  14. 14. This proposal for a 74,000 sf medical office building with an attached 800 car open parking structure is intended to draw employees and visitors closer to the main hospital campus from outlaying sites. The urban lot is 200 feet x 500’ long rising up 40 feet along the side street, providing multiple enter/exit points to the six story garage. The ground floor provides 14,000 sf for retail shops and an address entry for the offices. The main access points for the medical offices are oriented to th parking, and the advent of medical office within easy access and proximity to the hospital is expected to generate more trips to the main facility. Medical Office Building and Garage - Providence, RI
  15. 15. The Davol Square Atrium was created in 1979 by enclosing a street between two buildings of a former rubber factory with a Kalwall roof above the cornices of the five story buildings. The upgrade project seeks to brighten the space and upgrade the finishes and character. The first floor tenant space is renovated by glazing an 80 foot length of the atrium with semi- transparent full height glass panels set in a steel frame. The sloped roof is covered with a galvanized metal pan system and the underside of the crisscrossing cat- walks are fitted with new lighting panels to brighten the lower level. Davol Square Offices - Atrium Upgrades - Providence, RI