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This post will cover a presentation outline and discussion for what I believe is a solid starting point for best practices in a typical, periodic board presentation by a start-up CEO. These days, early stage companies tend to have monthly or every-other-month meetings; more mature companies rarely go longer than a single quarter without a formal board meeting. Because the goal of a the board book and the board meeting is to clearly communicate the state of the business to board members, over the course of 2-3 hours, such that board members are equipped to perform their duties.

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2010 sample board preso

  1. 1. This is part of a board presentation discussion that can be found here: www.reoverthinking.com<br />Orhttp://wp.me/pRtXC-cI<br />NewCo Board Meeting<br />November 3, 2009<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />CEO Overview [name of CEO] 20 min<br />Board Business entire board 30 min<br />Approval of previous minutes<br />Option Grants, equity discussion<br />Other board busines<br />Departmental Reviews departmental heads 90 min<br />Sales & Business Development [name of sales leader] 30 min<br />Finance [name of CFO or CEO] 20 min<br />Marketing [name of mktg leader] 20 min<br />Product / Development / Engineering [name of dev leader] 20 min<br />Discussion & Wrap up group tbd<br />2<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  3. 3. CEO Overview<br /> Highlights and Recent Milestones<br /> Challenges<br /> Customer/Sales Headlines<br /> Key Success Metrics / goals<br />Last period<br />Next period<br /> Employee update<br />Name of Employee<br />Name Position. Over ___ years of ______ experience. Most recently at _____where he _____ and ________________. Employee has a ___ from University of ______.<br />3<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  4. 4. Board Business<br />Proposed Resolutions<br /> Employee Option Grants<br /> Extension of exercise period for (Insert Employee Name)<br />Approval of Previous Minutes<br />Other Business<br /> Transfer of founder options<br />4<br />Standard vesting is _% on first anniversary of vesting commencement date and ___ at end of each month of continuous service. All options are subject to standard vesting.<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  5. 5. Departmental Updates<br />November 3, 2009<br />5<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  6. 6. Sales/Business Development Update<br />Highlights<br />Grew “weighted” Qualified pipe from $__K to $__K<br />Closed ___________________<br />Signed up w/ ____ new partners <br />Key Metrics / Goals<br />Partner Development<br />Name of Partner: kickoff & training planned<br />Target 6 joint sales with partners (in progress already)<br />Working to minimize trial-to-purchase timeframe and increase total conversion rate to over 3%<br />Challenges<br />Develop a telesales/inside sales plan and an international plan<br />Pace of lead gen is slower than expected; lead quality is on target<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  7. 7. October Sales Status / Forecast<br />Q4 Target: $55,000 revenue with a 3x pipeline<br />Recent deals closed<br />Customer#1: $5,000, 22 users, 10 days trial to conversion<br />Customer#2: $1,200, 5 users, 17 days trial to conversion<br />Current Pipeline<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  8. 8. Revenue Metrics for October 2009<br />8<br />Transaction – Revenue Metrics<br />We experienced a seasonal drop in transactions in October that led to missing our target<br />Transaction value improved slightly and we expect to be on plan by Q1 of next year<br />Revenue follows our transaction count and therefore took a hit in October. We expect this to return to plan in Q1 of next year also<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  9. 9. Company Metrics<br />9<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  10. 10. Marketing Update<br />Accomplishments<br />Completed 2009 roadmap and MRD for releases 1.1 & 1.5<br />Completed and announced ___ articles; podcast; blog posts<br />Delivered new sales tools – new data sheets, sales playbook<br />Held 4 analyst briefings <br />Objectives<br />Continue market momentum: at least 3 events in Q4<br />Sales enablement<br />New sales tools (online assessment tool, white paper)<br />Issues<br />Resource constraints:project prioritization difficult, multiple candidates in process<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  11. 11. Product / Engineering Update<br />Accomplishments<br />Released next version of product, v1.34<br />Patent under review with attorney: “Name of Patent”<br />Q1 2010 release schedule set (1.5, 2.0 - all in FY__)<br />Objectives<br />GA v1.5 (__/__ ship date)<br />Hire development engineer (engineer #3)<br />File provisional patent<br />Successful phase __ deployment in __ customers<br />Challenges<br />Monitoring, scalability, performance & disaster recovery are top priorities, must be ready for GA<br />Need to outsource testing as much as possible, keep dev focused on core, benefit from timezone changes (repairs in before start of business)<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />
  12. 12. Finance/Admin<br />Accomplishments<br />Completed Audit with HMPP<br />Began Corporate Valuation with [name of valuation firm]<br />Hiring on track – currently at ___ employees<br />Managing expenses slightly under budget; will continue next period<br />Objectives<br />Execute Key Hires<br />VP of ____- Date<br />Relocate to new office<br />Locate contracts resource<br />Issues<br />Current “fume” date ________ <br />
  13. 13. Financial Information & Projections<br />13<br />Headcount<br /> 2 2 3 3 4 4<br />
  14. 14. Wrap-up and open discussion<br />Thank you.<br />Confidential and Proprietary. © 2009 NewCo, Inc.<br />