July 15th, 2010               Carnegie, Oklahoma                 ...

SYSP Career Development
Kiowa youth was recently featured on          and seeing all the care it entailed,
the “Kiowa Voic...

On June 30th, 2010, Jeannie Toppah was honored
by the Kiowa Tribe and her fellow employees for her     ...
By Martha Koomsa Perez
On Thursday, July 1, 2010, a first reunion
was held for the famili...
  The Kiowa Tribe is represented in the Red Earth Parade in Oklahoma City.

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Newsletter2 p1

  1. 1. KIOWA NEWS KIOWA TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA July 15th, 2010 Carnegie, Oklahoma Issue 2 WEATHER AFFECTS 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION By David Geimausaddle and just “muscles”, most Despite the rainy weather, the Kiowa of the vehicles were able Tia-Piah Society was able to continue to get out . As a result of with their annual celebration during the that day’s cancellation, Fourth of July weekend. the Kiowa Tia-Piah Soci- The members and visitors enjoyed the ety has decided to con- first day with just a light sprinkle of tinue with the celebration rain every now and then. on Friday, July 30th and However, the second day, with the rain Saturday, July 31st, at intermittent throughout the afternoon Chieftan Park camp- and evening, it was decided to utilize a grounds. large tent which had been erected for The headstaff for the the sole purpose of continuing on with continued event in- the celebration. cludes:MC-Alonzo Chalepah; Head Head lady-Daneta Kauley and A.D. Ricky Yet, Mother Nature decided that on singer-Leonard Cozad, Jr.; Head man Geionety. The weekend activities will begin Sunday, July 4th, it was not to be so. dancer-Jeremy Keahbone, on Friday evening with supper at 5pm, That morning, after a downpour, it was with gourd dancing to follow. Saturday will decided to cancel that days activities begin with gourd dancing 2pm. For more in- due to all the mud. formation, please contact: Campers and visitors alike experienced Warren Queton, 405.824.6584; Richard the full force of a muddy parking area Kauahquo, 405.638.0158; George Tahbone, and road. Jr. 580.347.3291; Wallace Bointy, Jr., With the assistance of individuals with 405.933.3862; Carol Toppah, 580.492.4497 chains, winches, 4-wheel drive vehicles or David Geimausaddle, 405.638.1917. For the third straight LEADING THE PARADE...Again year the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma has been more time will be devoted to Wyoming. Moses is an author INSIDE: selected to lead the developing the tribe’s presenta- and Arapaho language master. American Indian Expo- tion. The parade will kick off A Vietnam Veteran’s tribute *Red Earth-Kiowa sition. Last year the the week long event on August will also be on display this year. Parade pictures Tribe was well repre- 2nd at 10am in downtown The “Moving Wall” ceremony sented with the pres- Anadarko. The parade will is Thursday, August 5th at *New name for Indian ence of Tribal leaders, once again be broadcast live on 10am, followed by the official Road. Royalty, organizations, the “Kiowa Voices” radio show opening of the exhibit which enteprise and a large *20 year Director-Head on KACO 98.5fm in Anadarko. will be open to the public from number of floats put Start. This year’s Indian of the Year the 5th thru the 7th. together by Tribal pro- is Alonzo Moses, a member of for more information go to: grams. This year *Kiowa accomplishments the Arapaho Tribe from Lorem Ipsum dolor 3 Lorem Ipsum dolor 1 4
  2. 2. KIOWA NEWSLETTER LITTLE RABBITS AT THE PROGRAMS and EVENTS KIOWA GOURD CLAN CELEBRATION SAME ROAD, NEW NAME EVENT POSTPONED The ‘Indian Road”, west of Carnegie, is The Kiowa Cultural Preservation Author- expected to be given a new name in soon. ity has announced that the “Kiowa War- CR 1330 will be named “Kiowa Veterans riors of WWI and WWII” museum exhibit Memorial Road”. has been postponed until November 1st, The christening ceremony will be the cul- 2010. mination of an almost year long road pro- This will allow for additional research and ject by the Kiowa Transportation Depart- collection of items for display. ment. The museum is looking for names of War- Erosion and other deterioration of the In- riors ( branch of service and classification), dian Road, due to weather and everyday use photographs, weapons, uniforms, items/ became a safety issue and was the cause of trophies of war, letters during war time, many accidents, including some fatalities in medals and any items related to that era. past years. For more information on needed items or Realizing the need for an upgrade, the any questions, call 580-654-2300 ext. 370 Kiowa Transportation Department, under or e-mail director Chuck Tsoodle, successfully ap- The museum will now re-open at 8am July plied for a grant through the Indian Reser- 15th with a Showcase Exhibit: vation Program in 2009. “Kiowa Photographs”. Construction began in November of the same year. And also......KIOWA PRIDE! THANK YOU Chance Matthew Tapia, a member The Kiowa Newsletter would like to of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma, has thank everyone for the response we been awarded a full football scholar- received on the initial edition. ship to Southwestern Oklahoma State The folks at the Lawton Indian Hos- University in Weatherford, Oklahoma. pital said that they were starving for Chance, who played Free Safety and information on the the good things Wide Receiver at Lawton High, will going on with the Tribe. be handling defensive back duties at Ditto for places like the Warrior SWOSU. Mart in Anadarko, who requested The 6’3” Wolverine was an All Dis- more. trict selection at LHS where he served Copies were also hand-delivered to as team captain for Coach Randy the OKC Indian Clinic as well as the Breeze. Wellness Clinic. Several copies were taken to the Tulsa Clinic and the Okmulgee Clinic He ended his senior season with 49 by Kiowa Tribal members living tackles and 4 interceptions. there. Chance was also listed on the LHS Any and all information on Kiowa Academic Honor Roll. events or participation is welcome His parents are Byron Tapia and Katie and encouraged. Domebo. Send info and pictures to He also has one sister, Celeste. or He will be majoring in Criminal Justice at SWOSU. When asked who his favorite athlete is, Keith Vasquez his answer was Hines Ward of the Pitts- Public Relations Officer burgh Steelers. Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Chance Matthew Tapia 2
  3. 3. SYSP Career Development Kiowa youth was recently featured on and seeing all the care it entailed, the “Kiowa Voices” radio show. Dakota Baker decided on a career in Part of the Tribe’s Supplemental Youth Physical Therapy. Services Program included Career Devl- Other career choices were Pediatric opment. The 8th to 11th grade students Nurse, Cop, Video Game Tech, Doc- chose a career and explained why they tor, Photographer and Rapper. made that particular choice. Lavincent Geionty, 10th Grader, says After 3 weeks of classroom training, the that he would like his rap lyrics to re- SYSP placed the students in jobs related flect the struggle of the Native Ameri- to their choices and stressed the tribal can in today’s world. Sundays at noon on 98.5 importance. Others besides Trujillo, Baker and KACO, Anadarko “We hope that after they further their Geionty participating in the Career education they’ll feel a need to come Development Class were: Jayla back and help the tribe”, says Jackie The “KIOWA VOICES” radio show will be Sankadota, Vernon Satepauhoodle, Bigbow, SYSP Job Developer. broadcasting the American Indian Exposi- Aaron Bear, Cody Eagle, Talisa Lewis Career aspirations ranged from the medi- tion opening day parade in downtown and Angel Woodard. cal field to entertainment to the culinary The Program also offered classroom Anadarko. The broadcast will begin at arts. training at Caddo-Kiowa Vo-Tech in 10am on Monday August 2nd. Isaiah Trujillo says that he developed a Ft. Cobb in Reading and Math and The show will also be on the road for an- love for cooking by watching his grand- GED classes for other students in the other broadcast on Friday at the Arts and mother make plum jam. summer program. Crafts building at the Fairgrounds. After suffering from a footbal injury, KIOWA TRIBE IN LAWTON EVENT Heavy equipment began a 2 week job repaving and striping the parking lot at Erminajane Iruegas performed the Lord’s the Kiowa Complex in Carnegie. Prayer in sign language at “An AMERICAN The construction job is being directed by Band Music Festival at Elmer Thomas Park in the Kiowa Transportation Dept. and di- Lawton. Erminajane is a member of the Kiowa rector, Chuck Tsoodle. Tribe and the current Little Miss Indian Ft. Sill. The festival took place over the 4th of July weekend and featured various kinds of live music from area bands. Members of local tribes took the stage on Inde- pendence Day including the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache. Kiowa member Barry Belindo also contributed to the Sunday morning festivities with Native American Friendship Drum Song and Dance. CONGRATULATIONS Anna says laughingly, “I’m ready to Eric Don Ahdunko, Jr. was born to retire.” Eric and Crystal Ahdunko on June After 36 years of service to the Depart- 29th, 2010. ment of Human Services in Anadarko, Eric was born at Comanche Memorial Kiowa Tribal member, Anna Berry BIRTHS Hospital in Lawton and weighed 6 lbs. Chalepah is retiring. ———————————————— and 13oz. He was 18” long. Anna is an Administrative Tech 4, the Caylob Gage Satepeahtaw was born ——————————————— highest rating you can achieve in that June 25th, 2010 at the Comanche To have your births included in the area. Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Okla- Kiowa Newletter, please submit all She graduated from Ft. Cobb in 1972 homa. information including location, time, and began her DHS career in 1973 He weighed 6lbs and 15oz. He was 20” weight, parents and grandparents when she was only 19 years old. She is long. names. E-mail married to Jerome Tahhahwah and has His parents are Robin Gomez and Cody or a 14 yr. old son, Jeremy. Satepeahtaw 3
  4. 4. KIOWA NEWSLETTER On June 30th, 2010, Jeannie Toppah was honored by the Kiowa Tribe and her fellow employees for her 20 YEARS OF SERVICE 20 years of service to the tribe. Jeannie has been the Director of the Kiowa Tribe Head Start Program since July 2nd, 1990. Co-workers gathered in Red Buffalo Hall to relive the last 2 decades through pictures. Executive Director, Walter Ahhaitty, presented the very surprised, but happy Director with a plaque and a Certificate of Appreciation. During her tenure she has increased the funded enroll- ment of Head Start children and families for the Kiowa Tribe, expanded center based services to Lawton and Anadarko and increased staff and funding for the Head Start Program. Jeannie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Adminis- tration of Allied Health Services and Sociology and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Oklahoma. Among her accomplishments, Jeannie is a Head Start- Johnson & Johnson Management Fellow. This is a highly recognized Head Start accomplisment through UCLA. Over the last 20 years she has served several times on the Oklahoma Indian Head Start Director’s Association board. Jeannie has also served on several- advisory committees. Jeannie happily accepts tokens of appreciation from Tribe’s E.D. Jeannie is a member of the Navajo Nation. She has been married to DK Toppah for 32 years. They live in Weatherford, Oklahoma where they raised their three children Janaye, Cheevers and Hyde. NEW CLINIC IN CARNEGIE The Carnegie Health Service Unit is The personnel at the clinic, on the expected to open sometimes this fall, Kiowa Complex grounds, will be trans- according to Service Unit Director fered to the new medical facility along Hickory Starr, Jr. with the addition of possibly two new The new clinic, located at 210 East 4th individuals. in Carnegie, has been in the works for After the necessary procedures take at least 8 years. Starr says, “ Just know- place, there are plans for Dental Ser- ing that it is finally happening is in- vices in the future. The office will credible.” house two chairs and open more oppor- KIOWA FASTRANS tunities for employment. There will be no “shut down” of ser- SERVING: vices during the move. Most of the CARNEGIE equipment in the new clinic will be ANADARKO already in place. LAWTON Starr stated that this location will be a shorter distance for local patients to FT. COBB travel. For Schedules and Rates The Kiowa Tribe will be invited to CALL TOLL FREE: participate in the Grand Opening cere- monies sometimes this fall. 1-888-654-2053 4
  5. 5. FIRST REUNION TREMENDOUS SUCCESS By Martha Koomsa Perez On Thursday, July 1, 2010, a first reunion was held for the familiess and direct de- scendants of Chief Setangya (Satank). This event commemorated the life of the Great Kiowa Chief and special recognition of the two oldest Kiowa Tribal members. Julia Tsonetokoy Wolf, 94 years old and Carolyn Hunt Lujan, 94, were honored as being the tribal and eldest of the Setangya descendants. The event was held at the lower city park in Carnegie, Oklahoma and was a prelude to the Annual July 4th Kiowa Gourd Clan Cel- ebration. A program was presented at 10:15am with Members of Blackleggings with Setangya descendants Phil Lujan serving as Master of Cere- monies. A special introduction was given to tangya’s personal Ton kon gah song. Carnegie Mayor, Lesley Taylor presented a Setangya name bearer, Lawrence K. Traditional gifts blankets were pre- welcome to the crowd of 200 people. Brown, son of descendant Wynema sented by event coordinators, Martha A replica of the Shield of the Chief was Brace Brown of Hobart Koomsa Perez and Phil Lujan, to de- presented to Direct Descendants. Special recognition was given toall scendants and honored guests. Gift re- The Shield was brought from Ft. Sill by tribal organization Princesses including cipients included Julia Tsonetokoy Colonel Raymond P. Lacey, Garrison Com- Kiowa Tribal Princess Ellen Toyekoyah. Wolf, Carolyn Hunt Lujan, Christine mander and Frank Siltman, Director of Mu- Dignitary speakers fot the event in- Hunt Simmons, Phil Dupoint and Tim seums and Military History, U.S. Army cluded descendant Dennis Hall Zotigh, Tsoodle, Kiowa Gourd Clan leaders, Fires Center of Excellence and full military Director of Cultural Events, Smithso- honored Military guest Ft. Sill Museum, escort. nian Museums, Washington D.C. and Michael Jordan, OU historical Society Accepting the shield for the Satangya De- Kiowa mamber Attorney R. J. Harris, Film Crew, Lanny Asepermy, Military scendants were Military Veterans: Bill Hall Candidate for U.S. Congress, Norman. Flag Display, Kenneth and Nakima of Hobart, Steve Hallof Lawrence, Kansas, Satank was also a lifetime leader of the Geimausaddle, Medicine Winds News, Scott and Jerry Hall Zotigh of Waco, Texas Ton kon gah (Blackleggings Society). Rainbow Carrion, Spiritual Leader and and Lewis Poor Buffalo, Jr. of Carnegie. Prior to a presentation of the Ton kon Cook. Donald Dupoint performed a cedaring for gah, Commander Lyndreth “Tugger” Event medals were presented to male the shield and the trophies display. Cletus Palmer addressed the occasion. descendants. Tofpi Gayton assisted with the cedaring for Following the Blackleggings perfor- A noon meal was served toall by mem- the family members. mance, Bill Koomsa, Jr. sang Se- bers of the descendant families. ART MARKET INFO ————————————————————————————— By Debbie Ahtone AOA Center as the perfect site. The has has an average of 10 tourists For the last two years, the Kiowa Business Com- group agreed to police the area and each weekend. mittee has sponsored and supported the weekly clean up after they closed for the day. The Art Market is open to any Art Markets held in the lobby of the Kiowa Com- If the center was to be used that day, Kiowa artist or craftsperson. The plex. The Art Markets are held from 9am to 2pm the artists could not set up. participants sell beadwork, Kiowa every Saturday. There is no charge, although the Chairman Don Tofpi suggested the clothing, turquoise, paintings and artists must provide their own tables and chairs lobby of the Tribal Complex. He also featherwork. and clean up the area after the show. had hopes of getting the Gift Shop —————————————— The Kiowa Arts and Crafts group was formed and Museum open on weekends for three years ago to help promote Kiowa arts and the tourists. The group is currently seeking culture. The group approached the KBC for a site The Art Market is on the United somebody to provide food to sell. to hold the Art Market. The KBC immediately States National Parks Tourist Trail Food such as hotdogs, cold cut recognized the venture as being part of their du- and the Oklahoman Southwestern Ok- sandwiches, stew, chili, cookies, ties under the Kiowa Constitution to promote lahoma tourist route, which crosses cakes, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. Kiowa arts and crafts. The KBC suggested the southwest Oklahoma. The Art Market The vendors set their own prices. 5
  6. 6. OKC HOSTS 24TH ANNUAL RED EARTH FESTIVAL The Kiowa Tribe is represented in the Red Earth Parade in Oklahoma City. photos by Jame Eskew KIOWA PRINCESS ELLEN TOYEKOYAH RED EARTH JORDAN BEARTRACK BRETNEE BEARTRACK RED EARTH, “THE ARTS” unique art pieces to add to their collec- By Debbie Ahtone tion The 24th Annual Red Earth Festival At the Art Market, buyers can purchase was held in Oklahoma City on June 18, contemporary and traditional examples 19 and 20, 2010. The Red Earth Festi- of beadwork, basketry, jewelry, pottery, val opened at the Cox Convention Cen- sculpture, paintings, graphics and cul- ter with a parade through downtown tural items. Oklahoma City. There were over 300 artists in the Art Native American artists and dancers Market. from throughuot the United States gath- The Art Competition has fifteen cate- ered to celelbrate the diversity of their gories and three large awards. cultures. The photograph “Grandpa’s Girls Feast In it’s 24 years, the Red Earth Art com- Time”, by Alan Yeahquo, took second petition has matured into one of the place in the Photography category most respected events in the art world. Tahnee Ahtone Harjo won third place Many of the artists who exhibit at Red for her dress “Wood Muskogee Chil- Earth have won awards at other presti- dren’s Dress”, in the Clothing/Textile gious art competitions. category. Many collectors and dealers travel to The Grand Award went to Gary Mont- gomery for his painting, “ Eagle Day”. JOE BOINTY Red Earth to seek out tradional and 6