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  1. 1. ISSUE ENFORCEMENT Following a 2008 payroll audit of the Kiowa Casino, the Internal Revenue Service advised the Kiowa Business Committee of a number of “red flags” which surfaced in other areas of expenditures and accounting which deserved closer inspection and monitoring. Subsequent external audits of all Casino financial operations also suggested questionable revenue mismanagement and faulty accountability even into the pre-opening development period. Further inspection by the IRS and other auditors seemed to confirm the original IRS assessment and the current KBC then realized a need for an expanded investigation into all aspects of Kiowa gaming operations, including the Kiowa Gaming Commission, and even into previous KBC and other Tribal entity membership involvement. The current KBC is applying the directive of an issue passed by Kiowa Indian Council vote in launching an investigation into the questioned management/mismangement of all Kiowa gaming monies and all other tribal entities and accounts in accordance with the KIC directive, and also in accordance with ARTICLE V, Section 2., paragraph g. of the Kiowa Constitution & Bylaws. Documentation generated by the investigation and which is a matter of public record will be periodically posted here as the investigation progresses and a descriptive narrative will accompany each posting.