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7 Must Ask Questions for Mobile Strategists


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If you contribute to your company’s mobile strategy, this deck can help you zero in on all the must-ask questions.

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7 Must Ask Questions for Mobile Strategists

  2. 2. These tips are distilled from Kinvey’s eBook, “The 7 Critical Questions to Ask When Creating a Mobile Strategy”
  3. 3. #1 Until a “Chief Mobility Officer” emerges, start with a cross-functional steering committee WHO’S ON YOUR MOBILE TEAM?
  4. 4. Thinking of employees as customers ensures your strategy is off to a good start ARE YOUEMPLOYEE-CENTRIC? #2
  5. 5. A wait-and-see approach can act as a filter - a little conservatism is ok IS YOUR ORGANIZATION MOVING FAST ENOUGH? #3
  6. 6. Gartner predicts that half of employers will require BYOD by 2017 (you heard that right – require!) DO YOU STILL NEED TO ESTABLISH A BYOD POLICY? #4
  7. 7. Hidden costs like carrier billing & increased expense report processing add up ARE BYOD-DRIVEN COST SAVINGS AND SECURITY GUARANTEED? #5
  8. 8. Corporate Owned Personally Enabled policies balance the security benefits IT needs with the freedom employees want SHOULD YOU COPE? #6
  9. 9. It gives employees a choice of mobile device and CIOs can still handle challenges like security and distribution #7 DO YOU NEED A CORPORATE APP STORE?
  10. 10. Check out “The 7 Critical Questions to Ask When Creating a Mobile Strategy”