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9 Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid


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9 practical ways to avoid the most common pitfalls in mobile UX design.

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9 Mobile UX Mistakes to Avoid

  2. 2. These tips are distilled from Kinvey’s eBook, “How to Avoid 9 Common Mobile UX Mistakes”
  3. 3. #1 Determine an MVP and stick to it COMPLICATING THE FEATURE SET
  4. 4. Users may forget the last screen viewed – your app shouldn’t FORGETTING STATE #2
  5. 5. Even small buttons should have large tappable areas USING TINY TAP TARGETS #3
  6. 6. Add more views instead of crowding just a few OVERCROWDING VIEWS #4
  7. 7. Make load time entertaining with funny or informative messages KEEPING THE USER WAITING #5
  8. 8. iOS offers 8 keyboard variations – pick the right one for your app’s use case DISPLAYING THE WRONG KEYBOARDS #6
  9. 9. Ask for unbiased feedback – even from a stranger! #7 FORGETTING USABILITY TESTING
  10. 10. Speed is part of UX – so cache data for fast loading #8 IGNORING SPEED & CACHING
  11. 11. Smart push increases engagement; too much push decreases users #9 OVERUSING PUSH NOTIFICATIONS
  12. 12. Check out “How to Avoid 9 Common Mobile UX Mistakes” for more tips