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Proposal from agency


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Published in: Business
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Proposal from agency

  1. 1. Exploratory Research forCommunication Development for X-Pert -A Research Proposal- Submitted to: Triton Communications Delhi December 1st, 2008
  2. 2. Background X-Pert was launched in the market around one and half years back. It is a fast growing brand in north and west. Unlike contemporary dishwashing bars, it is pink in colour. It does not come in conventional lime variant either, rather it is available in orange. The brand packaging is also in magenta which is striking and different in the category. X-Pert faces stiff competition from Vim, a Unilever brand which is the market leader and is considered as industry benchmark.
  3. 3. Background In order to strategize ourselves to the win market share from the leader’s stable, we need to fare better or at least be of the same standard in benefit delivery in comparison to the market leader. Therefore in the research we would attempt to figure out  Where does my brand stand vis-à-vis competition in the consumer mind space?  Where does my brand stand in consumer choice set?  What are the drivers to induce usage of my brand?  Why do not certain set of consumers do not use my brand?
  4. 4. Background The following slides describe the methodology to execute the research; however, target markets and samples would be incorporated once the client approves the design and specifies the target markets.
  5. 5. Research Objectives To gauge the awareness, knowledge and preferences for brands (for X-Pert w.r.t. competition) within the category and identify reasons for brand preference To assess the key drivers and barriers of the brand To associate the attitude and mindset with usage and map a brand imagery and their perceived edge, especially for X-Pert
  6. 6. Research Design The intended study is exploratory in nature with an objective to identify cues for future communication development. Therefore, the research is going to assessment of consumer mind space in order to understand the explicit behaviour and triggers. A consumer psychologist who has extensive research experience with household goods would be the key leader for the research.
  7. 7. Research DesignTwo segments to be studied: Users of X-Pert Users of competition (non-users/lapsed users of X-Pert) Route:FGDs Sampling: Random
  8. 8. Research Design Information Areas for behavioural analysis  To identify the triggers and motivators for usage of X-Pert and choice of brand  To identify the barriers for non-usage of the product  Need gap identification  Level of involvement with the product  Intensity of disposition to a brand  Criteria for choice of a brand
  9. 9. Research Design Information Areas for Perception and Analysis  Perception lemon vs. orange…nearest associations, dissonance, physiological impulses etc.  Usage related dimensions like that of melting and wastage, more use of water, number of utensils cleaned (VFM) etc.  Perception of colour of the bar and packging  Inclination of the consumers to move up in the value chain i.e. from bars to liquid
  10. 10. Research Design Information Areas for product perception  Strength and weakness of Vim and X-Pert in terms of  Product attributes (e.g. colour, fragrance etc.)  Product performance (e.g. scoring ability, grease- removing capacity etc.)  Desired attributes and functionality of the scouring bars by the housewives
  11. 11. Research Design Media consumption habits  Newspaper/magazines subscribed/read  Channels watched
  12. 12. Target Respondents Demographic profile  Age: 25-35 years  SEC: A2, and B  Homemakers having children of 3-4 years
  13. 13. Coverage of Research User of X-Pert Users of Vim Total Delhi SEC B(25-30 yrs) SEC A2 (30-35 yrs) 2 Kanpur SEC A2 (25-30 yrs) SEC B(25-30 yrs) 2 Mumbai SEC A2(30-35 yrs) SEC B (30-35 yrs) 2 Ahmedabad SEC B(30-35 yrs) SEC A2 (25-30 yrs) 2 Total 4 4 8
  14. 14. Deliverables Key deliverables would be  Brand strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis competition  Need gap in the market  Key drivers and barriers of the brand  Positioning cues for communication development
  15. 15. Time FrameTotal time required for the assignment is 3-4-4.5 weeks after formal approval of the proposal.Time plan is proposed as below: Planning incl discussion guide 1 wk Field execution 2 wks Analysis 1.5 wks
  16. 16. Commercials Total cost of assignment would be Rs2.24L. The commercials include all OPEs, time cost and profit. Video recording of the proceedings of the groups, if required can be orgainised at actuals. Service tax would be applicable as per GoI rules. The terms of billing would be 60% advance and 40% within 15 days of submission of findings.
  17. 17. Research ResourceMahjabeen Wadia  A post graduate in Consumer Psychology from Mumbai University  Equipped with 15 years experience in qualitative research in organisations like erstwhile ORG and Nielsen and subsequently as a freelancer, she has in- depth understanding of consumer behaviour  Extensive research has been conducted for the following product categories :Soft Drinks Concentrate, Food Products, Paints, FMCG, Cellular Services, Automobiles, Photography and related products etc.
  18. 18. Research ResourceUtpal Ghosh  Has research experience of working 14 years with leading market research organsiations  Started career with ORG-MARG, subsequently worked with IMRB as the head of research for Pepsi  Subsequently worked with IDC- an IT and Telecom market research organisation as head of consumer research in India
  19. 19. Research Resource Has worked on several product categories Headed research groups servicing Pepsi, Wipro, Garnier, Samsung, HP, Teleservices, Reliance, TCS, HCL Infosys etc. Capability to design and execute both quantitative and qualitative research works Quoted frequently in media on IT and telecom industry
  20. 20. Phone: +91-98-104-99820 Email: mail@algorithmindia.comVisit us at: