Shenyang imperial palace


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Shenyang imperial palace

  1. 1. The Shenyang Palace Museum Division of Human environmental system M1 Jin Shengzhe
  2. 2.  Introduction of Shenyang City  The Timeline of Chinese Imperial History  Outline of Qing Dynasty  Brief introduction of Shenyang Palace  The cognition for Shenyang Imperial Palace Architectural Characteristics The overview of virtual museum The buildings in the Palace Dazheng Hall(大政殿) Ten Kings Pavilion(十王亭) Da Qing Gate(大清门) Worship Hall of Government(崇政殿) Phoenix Tower(凤凰楼) Jiayin Hall and Opera Stage(戏台) Wen Su Loft(文溯阁)
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Structure and Decorations of the Palace Roofs and Animal Decorations on the Eaves Terraces under the Palaces Imperial Colours
  5. 5. ★It was built in 1625 and the first three Qing emperors lived there from 1625 to 1644. ★ Having building 114 seats, more than 500 rooms and covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters which is one twelfth the size of the Forbidden City in Beijing. ★ divided into the eastern section, the middle section and the western section. ★ Since the end of monarchy in China, the palace was converted to a museum that lies in the center of Shenyang city, Liaoning province.
  6. 6. Dazheng Hall (殿) Ten Kings Pavilion(亭) Wen Su Loft(阁) Drama Stage(台) Meditation Zhai (斋) Phoenix building (楼) Paul Pole Palace (宫) Buddhist temple(堂) Memorial arch(祠) Moon compartment (厢)
  7. 7. ★ The eastern section contains the very impressive Hall of Great Affairs. Here emperors ascended the throne, enacted imperial edicts, and welcomed victorious generals and soldiers. ★ Dazheng Hall built on the 1.5 meters base with a blue brick base and outside inlaid carved stone masonry. ★ Temple of Bamian, around a profile, all sides are 9 metres long, are on each side of the Hall by 4 "axe eye" partition board.
  8. 8. ★ The Ten Kings Pavilion stands to its east and west in front of Dazheng Hall. ★ They formerly served as the place where chancellors and leaders from the eight banners settled national affairs. ★ The Manchu people live in the cold north, each room has heating bed, called Kang . ★ The style of the buildings, which displays an combination of Han, Manchu and Mongolian cultures, all originated from the shape of a nomadic tent.
  9. 9. ★ It is the main entrance of Mukden which faces of five hardware architecture, with yellow glazed tiles paving the roof, decorated with green trim. ★ Especially clear gable top highlight four steps of North and South head, three are multicolored glass mosaics, decoration for the yunlong and Royal symbol of prosperity, prominent sea animals, fine, lifelike. ★ Here is the wenwubaiguan wait, moreover also is to receive an award, give thanks, calibration and other places.
  10. 10. ★ It is commonly known as "Emperor ' s audience Hall", lived in the palace buildings right in the middle of road building, is a hard and face five mountain- style building. Chongzheng Dian is the place where Abahai held court. It is the most important building in the Shenyang Imperial Palace. ★ advocating political porch columns of the temple is a square , Temple column is circular. Two columns with a long connection between, leading out of the outside eaves, Dragon‘s tail into the House. This structure, that combines practical and decorative features.
  11. 11. ★ the Palace is built on top of three meters high base, around the ring fence and patrol road, like a closed Castle. ★ There are dozens of steps leading to the audience in front. Phoenix floor, Mukden panorama panoramic view as a whole. ★ Middle indoor flowering of Sanskrit, Phoenix and seal "a long life" pattern, often after this study or rest. ★ Upper beam frame ornament red gold dragon painting. ★ Lower arched door, is the channel of access area.
  12. 12. ★ The western section was constructed by order of Emperor Qianlong (1711- 1799). Its main structure is the Wen Su Loft and the building in front of it is the Opera Stage. ★ Due north of Jiayin Hall five, primarily as giving feast tour play of the emperor at the Imperial Office, its slightly warm room, are also available at the rest. Jiayin Hall is the stage in the front court. ★ The medium stage mountain volume roof-top, surrounded by a total of 12 cylinder, to under half a meter high. ★ Jiayin Hall, aisle and make up around the stage connected to each other, constitute a space enclosed on four sides, to show better acoustics.
  13. 13. ★ It is the main building of the West Road. Court appearance in two layers, black-glazed tiles and green trim and hard top, face five, and staircase on the West side for the six, three depth. ★ The Wen Su Loft, which contains the Complete Collection of Four Treasures(valuable ancient book) , has a black roof because black was considered to represent water which could be used to extinguish a fire to protect the priceless books contained inside.
  14. 14.  It is the only local Palace of Chinese ethnic minorities throughout the country, is also a subject outside the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the only preserved the ancient imperial palace complex.  The complex was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2004 as an extension of the Forbidden City and is now the most popular and renowned tourist attraction in Shenyang.  Shenyang Imperial Palace represent the highest artistic achievements of the Manchus early Palace building embodies the unique historical and cultural connotations of Manchu early. Manchu, Han, Mongolian and Tibetan architectural art in fusion in a Palace building was unique and valuable examples of Chinese ancient Palace architecture.