Developing Best Practices for Agency Manager and Therapy Manager Integration


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Developing Best Practices for Agency Manager and Therapy Manager Integration

  1. 1. Developing Best Practices forAgency Manager andTherapy Manager Integration
  2. 2. Intake ProcessInitial Therapy Coordination Obtain Contact Information on Each Therapy Discipline providing Treatment Utilize Referral Form and Comment Section in E-Referral.
  3. 3. Intake Process Initial Data EntryTherapy Coordination Enter Therapy Coordination Data into the Purple Comment Box under the Edit Episode Area Copy and paste the Same Information into the White Comment Box under the Patient Profile This will allow for a quick view by accessing “View, Patient Profile” Under Edit Patient, Select the correct Flag corresponding to the Patients Needs
  4. 4. Creating Therapy FlagsCreating Therapy Flags Go To Reports/ Admin Click on Create/Edit Patient Flags Create Flags for In House Therapy, Contract Therapy Etc…to meet your Agency/Staffing company needs.
  5. 5. Therapy CoordinationScheduling – Mock Patient with PT OT STThis teaching patient would be the mostchallenging to track 13 & 19th, as there are all 3disciplines (PT, OT, ST) involved and they arefrom 3 different Therapy SourcesPT would be an In house TherapistOT would be our Reliance Therapy staffST would be from another Contract Company
  6. 6. Therapy CoordinationScheduling – Mock Patient with PT OT ST
  7. 7. Therapy CoordinationScheduling – Mock Patient with PT OT STI would First Make Sure Each Outside UserGroup is Set up as a User in our systemThis will allow for scheduling and tracking of the13th and 19th despite having users outsideKinnserThis will allow your scheduler/case manger theability to track and oversee the entire schedule
  8. 8. Creating Users for Tracking PurposesCreating Users Go To Reports/ Admin Click on Users (Under Administration) Click on File, then New User Enter the Information Edit Roles Select ONLY Clinician and Therapist Roles
  9. 9. Therapy CoordinationScheduling – Missed VisitsThe Most effective way for any organization tohave the ability to track 13th and 19th effectivelyis to track each and every missed visit at thetime of the missed visit.We have implemented that every missed visit iscalled in immediately to both the HHA and ourUtilization Person to allow for accurate visittracking
  10. 10. Therapy CoordinationScheduling – DocumentationWhile real time missed visits will allow foraccurate visits counts, schedules will be mosteffective with less room for error when visitdocumentation is done dailyWe have implemented mandatory daily visitdocumentation
  11. 11. Therapy Coordination 13th/19th/30 Day Therapy Tracking Exception Reports Kinnser has developed two different exception report pages to alert users of inappropriately scheduled (or missing) therapy visits. These are intended to assist administrators and schedulers identify missingreassessments/reevaluations. They reflect mirrored episodes as well, i.e., visits scheduled by a Kinnser Therapy Manager customer.
  12. 12. Therapy Coordination 13th/19th Visit Type Exception ReportThe first report indicates what visit types are anticipated to fall on the13th and 19th visits, and on what days those are scheduled. In addition, visits that appear to be incorrectly scheduled are highlighted in red.
  13. 13. Therapy CoordinationTherapy Re-evaluation Exception Reports The second report indicates for what visit anticipated reassessments/reevaluations have been scheduled, and highlights expected reassessment/reevaluations that have not yet been scheduled. In addition, episodes for which no re-evaluation has been scheduled within the first 30 days are listed, and highlights patient episodes in which the episode will hit the 30 day mark in 5 days or less.
  14. 14. Therapy CoordinationTherapy Re-evaluation Exception Reports
  15. 15. Kinnser Reports Hotbox & Master Calendar AlertsTo assist schedulers with planning, currently anticipated 13th and 19th therapy visits are indicated with an icon in the Hotbox and Master Calendar; if scheduled incorrectly, i.e.,not a reevaluation, the line (or date) will be highlighted with a warning color to alert both the scheduler and the therapists.
  16. 16. Kinnser Reports On Screen Alerts/Task HeadersTo assist therapists and therapy assistants to conduct appropriate visits at the correct times, therapy notes will display a count onscreen thatrepresents the number this task visit represents in the anticipated total number of therapy visits for the episode.
  17. 17. Kinnser Reports Task SwitchingIf a scheduled visit appears to have incorrectly scheduled, e.g., a PT Visit scheduled on the 13th visit instead of a PT Reevaluation, upon click: Therapists will have the option to switch to the reassessment/reevaluation document before proceeding Therapy assistants will be presented with a warning before proceeding that a reassessment/ reevaluation document is anticipated, and that contacting the scheduler is recommended
  18. 18. Kinnser Software The Features You Need for the Work You Do Send real-time e-referrals to therapy companies Review the status of scheduled and completed tasks Allows validation of submitted therapy invoices A complete, Web-based point of care solution for all clinical disciplines Automatic Traditional Medicare eligibility checks Secure submission of claims Compatibility with touchscreen tablets such as the Apple iPad OASIS checks & much