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QR Codes @ GW


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QR Codes @ GW

  1. 1. QR Codes @ GWJennifer Kinniff, Public Services and Outreach Librarian,George Washington University LibrariesMARAC Spring Conference, Erie, PA, 4/26/13
  2. 2. How it began Foggy Bottom 100 Campus Centennial celebrationWoodhull House, 1912
  3. 3. About the project QR codes on 10 historic buildings around campus
  4. 4. About the projectQR codes link to mobilesites with multimedia infoHome page: Explains theproject
  5. 5. About the projectRead more about the site Historic images via Flickr
  6. 6. About the projectGoogle Map of all sites Site selected on Google Map
  7. 7. Creating content: Repurpose and Condensevs.
  8. 8. Launch event History Hunt Raise awareness ofHistoric Walking Tour Get people using the QRcodes Another component ofthe Foggy Bottom 100celebration
  9. 9. Budget, shmudget Library partners Me (Project Manager) Reference Specialist (photo research, text editing) Web Developer (built mobile site) Exhibits Developer (made mobile site pretty, madedecals) Campus partners Campus Planning (advised on building selection) Facilities (decal placement) External Relations (planned and paid for History Hunt,paid for decal printing and installation) Foggy Bottom 100 Planning Committee (bestowedlegitimacy)
  10. 10. Assessment and Next Steps Mobile pages were viewed1,214 times by 184 uniquevisitors from February 2012– March 2013 Average visit is 5:45,average visitor views 4pages, spends almost 2minutes on each Usage spikes aroundhistory hunt, campus visits Ongoing maintenance isnecessary Hope to add more sitesand A/V content
  11. 11. Tips for your QR code project Build project into your annual work plan/goals Partner, partner, partner, but don’t lose control of theprocess Repurpose content where appropriate, tailor tomobile Make it good: multiple content formats See it as a long term project
  12. 12. Thank you!kinniff@gwu.eduHistoric images courtesy of Special Collections Research Center, GW Libraries