Product palcement in movies, tv shows, songs


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  • Very informative and interesting. I have enjoyed learning about TV and movie product placement in advertising for several years now. I even did my Master's Thesis on product placement at The University of Texas (Austin) back in 2009. You are welcome to browse through my research -- I am currently in the process of putting it all online. I also am going to upload some of it to my account here on Slideshare. Great job on this presentation.
    --Bruce Jeffers, Austin Texas
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  • Subtle product placement can be very effective in positioning a product. A careful selection of a movie or a TV serial to place a product will help in reaching the target audience more effectivelyRetention is enhanced if the products are fitted to the genre of the movie. i.e. Positive Relationship between Product placement recalled and product category
  • In serial brand placement also offers the benefit of flexibility.This means, if a certain brand placement is not doing well, then the marketer has the liberty to change the strategy. This option however is not available in case of product placement in cinema
  • Product palcement in movies, tv shows, songs

    1. 1. Effectiveness of Product Placements in Movies, Songs andTelevision Shows: Classification, Role of Modality and Plot Connection Congruence Presented By: Vikram Kasbekar (P1021) Kinnar Majithia (P1026) Chintan Shah (P1051) Ankit Tripathi (P1058)
    2. 2. Product Placement - Introduction• What is it? Product Placement  Embedded Marketing• Early examples• How does it work? – Simply happens – Arranged + product as compensation – Arranged + financial compensation
    3. 3. Product Placement Strategies• Implicit Product Placement• Integrated Explicit Product Placement• Non-Integrated Explicit Product Placement
    4. 4. Product Placement Types• Corporate Placement• Generic Placement• Service Placement• Idea Placement• Historic Placement• Negative Placement• Innovation Placement
    5. 5. Product Placement in Movies• For marketers, the availability of a captive audience with greater reach than traditional advertisements, and the advantage of showing brands in their natural environment provide motivation for product placements• Brand placements are frequently used in Hollywood films and have subtly, of late entered in to Indian films• The 98:02 Pareto principle
    6. 6. Product Placement in Movies• They score over traditional television advertising for two reasons – Goodwill gains by associating with a popular program, purchase of large portion of commercial time within the programme – Prevents communication interference from competition• The earliest reference of a brand placement comes in the 1940 classic Chalti Kaa naam Gadi with the brand Mobil Brake Fluid• The movie Dilwale Dulhanyiyan Le Jayenge of the 1990s was a successful story of launching of Stroh beer in Indian market• Yaadein was an example of over-pushing of brands like “Coca Cola and “Pass Pass” mouth freshners
    7. 7. Product Placement in TV Shows• Product placement is not quite as widespread in TV land as it is in the movies, but it is a rapidly growing industry• More commonly referred to as product integration in this medium• Competes with traditional form of TV advertising called 30-second ad spot• However, now there is a combination of both variants that are used to promote products
    8. 8. Product Placement in TV Shows• Some examples of Product Placement: Vodafone in Bigg Boss 4, Axis Bank in KBC• Scenario in UK with regards to Product Placement• Situation in India
    9. 9. Product Placement in Songs• One of the earliest examples of product placement within a song can be found in Take Me Out to the Ball Game• It had mention of “Cracker Jack”, U.S. brand of snack consisting of strong molasses flavored candy-coated popcorn and peanuts, well known for being packaged with a prize of nominal value inside• In Bollywood, we had an instance of song from Taal which had product placement for Coca Cola in a song, “Ishq Bina”• Ishq Bina from movie Taal
    10. 10. Other Product Placements• Product Placements are not restricted to traditional means as mentioned above, they are also found in some unconventional sources such as Books and Video Games• Books: “The Bulgari Connection”• Video Games: – Crazy Taxi – Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza – UbiSofts Surf Riders
    11. 11. Product Placement and Positioning• Positioning is the act of designing company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market• Subtle product placement can be very effective in positioning a product• Good Examples: Krrish, Dil Chahta Hai, Vivah• If people find products in the settings of the movie, the product recall are supposed to be higher.• Retention is enhanced if the products are fitted to the genre of the movie.• Example: New Zealand
    12. 12. Comparison of Product Placements inTV and Films• TV brand integration is relatively cheaper than in-film placement of brands• Television  emerged as one of the largest medium of mass communication hence offering wide reach & easy accessibility than films• Target groups are in regular touch with television than films. Frequency of watching a soap > than the frequency of watching a film• In serial brand placement also offers the benefit of flexibility• In-serial promotion by Bollywood  Hum Tum, a Yashraj production, promoted in Sony TV’s ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’. Lead star Saif Ali Khan’s cameo in one of the episodes
    13. 13. Paheli and Tanishq – An IndianExample on Product Placement• Movie – Paheli, Brand – Tanishq, Broad TG – Women• Objectives: – To use the actors and director of the film to directly or indirectly to endorse the collection for the film – To reinforce the Tanishq design strategy of going back in time for jewellery designs and create an aspirational quality around such collections – To associate Tanishq with tradition, grandeur, celebration and festive occasions• Paheli and Tanishq TVC• Tanishq jewelry in the movie
    14. 14. Paheli and Tanishq – An IndianExample on Product Placement• Media Solution and Execution: – Special Line of Tanishq jewellery using the look of the film – Joint Promotion (sponsored TVC) of Tanishq and Paheli – Point of Sales Promotions – Events and Programs• Analysis and Results – Dipstick survey  13% increase in purchase intent, 10% increase in favorability of brand• All created pieces were sold out, some designs part of Tanishq’s regular repertoire• Total avg. min revenue of Rs. 1.42 Cr. was generated (source: Company Officials from Tanishq)
    15. 15. Problem StatementUnderstanding the effectiveness of Product Placement in Movies,Songs and Television Shows and its influence in Brand Recalland Purchase Decision
    16. 16. Objectives• To find out the frequency of viewing Movies, TV Shows and listening to music among the audience• To find out the awareness about product placement in movies, songs and TV Shows among the respondents• To determine whether awareness has influenced the respondents’ purchase behavior
    17. 17. Methodology• Sample Size: 15• Sources of Information: – Primary Data: Structured Questionnaire – Secondary Data: Internet
    18. 18. Observations and FindingsFrequency of Watching a movie in a theatre Male Female Once a week Once a fortnight Once in a month Once in a fortnight Once a month Once in 2/3 months 18% 9% 50% 50% 37% 36% Total Once a week Once in a fortnight Once a month Once every 2/3 months 13% 7% 40% 40%
    19. 19. Observations and FindingsFrequency of Listening to a Song Male Female Daily Once in 2 days Daily Once in 2 days 0% 18% 82% 100% Total Daily Once in 2 days 13% 87%
    20. 20. Observations and FindingsFrequency of watching TV Shows Male Female Never Daily Once a 2 days Once a week Never Once in a week 18% 18% 50% 50% 27% 37% Total Never Daily Once every 2 days Once a week 27% 26% 20% 27%
    21. 21. Observations and FindingsAre you aware of any brands associated with the following media? IfYes, Name a few.(E.g. Brand X associated with Movie A or Song B orTV Show C) Chart Title No Yes 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 TV Shows Songs Movies
    22. 22. Observations and Findings Are you aware of any brands placed in the following media? If Yes, Name a few.(E.g. Brand X placed in Movie A or Song B or TV Show C) Chart TitleNoYes 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 TV Shows Songs Movies
    23. 23. Observations and FindingsRespondent Opinion on Brand Advertisement in various Media Opinion 0% Affects my views on 27% the brand Acts as an irritant 0% 73% Doesnt affect me Others
    24. 24. Observations and Findings Unethical to influence audience through Brand Promotion in Movies, TV? 0% 13% 7% Strongly Agree Agree Disagree 80% Strongly Disagree
    25. 25. Observations and Findings Effectiveness of Celebrity as Purchase Decision inluencer Celebrity Influence 40% Yes 60% No
    26. 26. Observations and FindingsDo you think such kind of advertisements would help ingarnering more consumer attention and connect for the brand? 27% 53% Yes No 20% Cant Say
    27. 27. Findings• 37% male & 50% female watch movies once a fortnight while 36% male & 50% female watch movies once in a month• Nearly 90% respondents opined to listening to music daily while more than 50% respondents watched TV shows at least once a week• Awareness of product association and placement in TV shows (40%) is higher than in Movies (33%) and is the worst in case of Songs (15%)• Nearly 30% respondents’ views about the brand were affected due to the product placement technique of brand promotion, a number which would only increase in future• Only 2 respondents were of the view that such kind of promotion techniques were unethical and should be discontinued• Contrary to popularly held beliefs, celebrity endorsements were not an influencing purchase criteria of a brand for the respondents with 60% respondents vouching for the same,• More than 50% respondents believe that such kind of promotion techniques hold a good stand for reaching out to prospective consumers for brands
    28. 28. Recommendations• The increasing use of product placements in other media like books and computer games might also be studied, as can long-term memory of product placements• Relevance of product to the situation needs to be created: this is possible by incorporating the placement planning at a script level• The high failure rate of in India mean that managers are ill equipped to predetermine if audiences will convert negative attitudes about the movie / reality show into negative attitude towards the brand• As success of product placements is dependent on the success of the song, movie or TV show and consequently, its reach, it is not possible to evaluate placements from a sales-generation perspective• This technique should be viewed in terms of building a better brand connect with the audience than to achieve short term higher sales
    29. 29. Future Trends• Digitization• Convergence• Product Linking• Reverse Product Placements
    30. 30. Digitization• Amendment in Cable Television Network Regulation Act• Analogue cable TV to become obsolete by 2014.• DTH services, more bandwidth availability.• Access to internet and telephone through the same digital cable.
    31. 31. Convergence• All in one Device TV DVR Internet Apps• Networked Devices Linking of stored contentby cloud computing
    32. 32. Product Linking• What is Product Linking? Develop videos in which users canclick on hot spots to get productinformation.• How it works?Custom captions built inside videoHot spots placed on objects insidevideo that link directly to correlatedweb pages.
    33. 33. Virtual to Real Life • What is Reverse product Placements? • Virtual World like Second Life and Online Avatars • Advantages: • Easy to test market • Active Engagement • Cost Effective
    34. 34. Appendix - QuestionnaireProduct Placement in Movies, Songs and Television Shows and its influence inBrand Recall and Purchase Decision1. Gendera) Male b) Female2. Do you watch the following media regularly?a) Movies b) Songs c) TV Shows3. What is the frequency of watching a movie in a theatre?a) Once a week b) Once in a fortnight c) Once a month d) Others4. What is the frequency of listening to songs?a) Daily b) Once in 2 days c) Once a week d) Others5. What is the frequency of watching a TV show?a) Daily b) Once in 2 days c) Once a week d) Others6. Are you aware of any brands associated with the following media? If Yes, Name afew.(E.g. Brand X associated with Movie A or Song B or TV Show C) Yes No Movies Songs TV Shows
    35. 35. Appendix - Questionnaire7. Are you aware of any brands placed in the following media? If Yes, Name a few.(E.g.Brand X placed in Movie A or Song B or TV Show C) Yes No Movies Songs TV Shows8. What is your opinion on such kind of brand advertisements?a) Affects my views on the brand b) Doesn’t affect me c) Acts as an irritant d) Others9. Do you think it is unethical for media houses to attempt to influence the audience byincluding brand-name product in their shows?a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Disagree d) Strongly Disagree10. You are in the supermarket, trying to choose a brand from a selection. Does the fact thatyou saw a celebrity on a Movie/Reality show using a specific brand make you choose andpurchase the “famous” brand?a) Yes b)No11. Do you think such kind of advertisements would help in garnering more consumerattention and connect for the brand?a) Yes b) No c) Can’t Say
    36. 36. Thank You