Prototype and test


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Prototype and test

  1. 1. Prototype and Test
  2. 2. Problem Statement Mr. S needs a better way to be motivated and driven in life so that he can live a more productive and fulfilled life Solution Educate and inform the many different ideas/ways to stay motivated and driven
  3. 3. Sample of the Prototype Playing Cards Imagine a deck of 52 playing cards but with ideas of how to be motivated with details of how or why to do it on the back of the cards Here is a sample of 10 cards with ideas Motivation
  4. 4. Testing I gave the sample prototype and explained what it was Question asked: Would you buy this product or would you use it if it was given to you for free? • “Buy no, but use yes to see what it is and if it could help” Other Feedback • “There are some interesting ideas I would do, some I’d think about, and others I would not do” • “I would try these ideas if it didn’t cost me money or too much time” • “Seeing quick results will help me stay motivated”
  5. 5. Testing continued… Question asked: Would you say your physical energy also is a huge reason why you’re not motivated; such as you’re tired or lazy • “It can be. I think emotional state of being really has a big factor” • Emotional state meaning “stress and anger” Other feedback: • Where he lives, parking situation, neighborhood, other drivers and traffic were some of the reasons given for his stress/anger
  6. 6. Testing continued part 3… Question asked: Would you do one of these ideas now? • One of the idea was to write out a goal and stick it somewhere you will see everyday. • He wrote “make money” and sticked it on his pc screen
  7. 7. Prototype #2 Website Imagine an online community website where people share ideas, success and failed stories of their personal struggles with motivation
  8. 8. Testing Feedback: • “Interesting, I’d try to see if I like it” • “Yes I’d use it if it was easy and free” My Concerns: • There is a difference between what a person says and does. The subject may say and try it but the question is will it last and turn into a habit of goal setting and goal achieving.
  9. 9. Reflection What I’ve learned: Education on motivation and learning the many different ways to be motivated is not enough to actually get people to be motivated • I would have to examine and ask more questions looking at the issue from many different perspectives • Examine the physical environment and how that hinders or contributes to people’s motivation – E.g. Maybe having a mini fridge in your room filled with fruits and vegetables will motivated you to eat more healthy • Examine how physical energy/stamina (biology/physiology) affects motivation – Maybe energy drinks are a solution – Or some kind of drug stimulant
  10. 10. Reflection • Think about their emotion or state of mind (psychology) and how that affects motivation • Think about intrinsic/external incentives (economics) and how that affects motivation • Think about the social support (sociology) – Think about how knowing how to exercise vs. having a personal trainer that motivates, encourages, and gives feedback when you actually do exercise (the value isn’t the knowledge but social support) • Maybe there something else I’m missing so I must stay open minded and consider other possibilities