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  1. 1. Ideate!
  2. 2. Background Profile • Age – 31 • College Dropout – attended for 2 years • Worked as a meter reader for Gas Comp. and worked at auto shop doing oil changes and simple auto mechanical work • Currently working full time as a shuttle driver and has considering going back to school to study mechanical engineering
  3. 3. What Mr. S Said • “I didn’t want to go to college” • “My parents wanted me to go to college close to home” • “I wanted to be a mechanic” • “I have little motivation” • “I don’t want to deal with people” • “I just need enough money to live and do things that I want”
  4. 4. What He Said • “I enjoy the outdoors” • “I enjoy playing video games” • “I don’t want to be a mechanic anymore” • “The only class I enjoyed was Asian American studies” • “Just drifting by” • “I don’t like buying books or going to class”
  5. 5. How He Thinks & Feels • Unmotivated and uninspired • Lack of goals and ambitions • May feel disconnected with society • Doesn’t seem to enjoy going to school • Accepts the simple basic life • May not know what to do with life and how to go about accomplishing it
  6. 6. Problem Statement Mr. S needs a better way to be motivated and driven in life so that he can live a more productive and fulfilled life
  7. 7. Ideas 1. Think about your memories; what stands out and what makes you happy 2. Have meaningful goals; to have meaningful goals you need to discover what are meaningful to you 3. Who inspires you 4. Who do you want to be like 5. What job/profession interests you and why 6. Be inquisitive with yourself and the world around you 7. What are your favorite activities 8. If you won a million dollars what would you do with i
  8. 8. Ideas 9. What do you want in life 10. Are you motivated by intrinsic or external rewards 11. Have a support group 12. Join an organization that interest you 13. Play videos games and learn what motivates you to play 14. Make a bet with a friend that you will accomplish your goals 15. Watch TV 16. Sing a song 17. Meet people online 18. Take a class
  9. 9. Ideas 19. Eat something you love 20. Eat something you hate 21. Eat something unusually or weird 22. Learn a new language 23. Take on a new hobby 24. Do something fun you did when you were young 25. Paint 26. Draw 27. Write 28. Do photography
  10. 10. Ideas 29. Learn to cook 30. Discover other people’s happiness 31. Read a book on motivation/psychology 32. Do what you wanted to do when you were a kid but couldn’t 33. Travel to another place you’ve never been 34. Learn what motivates others 35. Put money on your goals 36. Join some competition 37. Go swimming 38. Get some new clothes so you have a new identity
  11. 11. Ideas 39. Have a kid 40. Adopt a kid 41. Be a mentor to someone 42. Go for a run 43. Try some drugs/medications 44. Have sex 45. Start a project 46. Get a new job 47. Go shopping 48. Treat yourself to something nice
  12. 12. Ideas 49. Get a motivational coach 50. Teach someone something you know or are good at