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  1. 1. Differentiate #1 Exclusive NovoEd users/students • For more info. check out the customer segment I wrote that’s on our spreadsheet • Companies like monster.com and careerbuilder.com may be successful in that they make a lot of money, have national visibility and have a lot of job listings but unsuccessful in their ability to help people actually land jobs. People who use these sites have a hard time landing jobs partly because they are competing for jobs against the general public (not a very good filter for employers). For example, if I was Intel, I wouldn’t post job openings on these sites if I wanted brilliant engineers. Instead I would goto Stanford or Cal Tech and post jobs under their own job search portal (a better filter) • So maybe we should start by focusing on building a job search site for NovoEd users/students – Why? – There is a built in international audience and students who are actively involved with education may also be interested in learning and working abroad – The question is how do we get all these students to know we exist?
  2. 2. Differentiate #2 Think Visuals • Think about how computers executed programs before the windows graphic user interface. If you wanted to run a program you would type some computer language like “run microsoft word”. • But with Windows 95 all you had to do was double click on an icon and the program ran. In both cases you ran the same program. But how you did it was significantly different and changed the user experience. In essence the GUI made it much easier, simpler, and painless to run a program. The function didn’t change the form did.
  3. 3. Other front page job search sites
  4. 4. Imagine if ours looked more like this Search visually possibly using Google maps
  5. 5. Differentiate #3 Think Sports Agent • Because each contract is unique and complex, athletes, celebrities, supermodels have agents to finalize jobs and endorsements – Because landing international jobs is more complex, maybe we can include the option of having your own personal job agent to simplify and expedite the process – To ensure quality, job seeker are able to evaluate and rate their job agent (similar to ebay: rate buyers and sellers) • This incentivizes job agents in providing great service and enhances the credibility of our site and agents • Example: http://www.avvo.com/ - a site to find, ask questions, and rate lawyers • Example: http://fiverr.com/ - a service marketplace starting at $5
  6. 6. Differentiate #4 our system covers all the legalities • Where others just post jobs, our site actually does all the legal paper work to ensure you get the job with no immigration/legal problems • This may require us to have a stronger relationship with employers or government to ensure meeting all immigration compliance laws. • Example: Cartagz – “Cartagz.com helps people save time and avoid trips to the DMV through this unique and easy to use online service.” – To renew your California drivers license or other vehicle related services, you can either goto the DMV office, goto their government site or go through an online company like Cartagz that simplifies the process for an additional fee • https://www.cartagz.com/about-us/ • http://dmv.ca.gov/portal/home/dmv.htm
  7. 7. Think about water to differentiate • Water is a commodity yet has been able to differentiated itself • Examples: Fiji, Evian, Dasani, Bling ($21), etc.
  8. 8. Others Differentiators • Exclusive U.S. jobs for internationals • Maybe focus on small business that don’t know how to recruit and hire internationals – Example: an ethnic restaurant that would hire internationals • Focus on a specific profession – Example: A job search site for computer engineers only • Focus on specific companies and function as their international human resource • Focus on international students looking to go to school and work abroad – Partner with schools and universities
  9. 9. What is our Goal? • The goal isn’t to be fixated on the idea (an international job search site) – Don’t fall in love with the idea • The goal is to start from the idea and learn, evolve, and iterate to uncover a business model that works – So we can start off as a international job site and end up as an international freight distribution app – Example: Burbn (Foursqure type app) evolved and became Instagram • http://techcrunch.com/2010/11/08/instagram-a-pivotalpivot/
  10. 10. Things to consider • How often will people use our site (customer life cycle) – My guess, probably 1 or 2 times in their lives • What is the potential customer acquisition cost – The cost in money and time spent to acquire 1 customer/user • What is the future of international jobs – Are employers planning to fill more jobs with internationals or less • Why would they prefer international over local? – Structural unemployment • Is there a mismatch between the skills of the foreigner and the skills needed for the available jobs