Bangka Belitung is The new Tourist Destinations and Province

Day   Destination                           Program         ...
02       TJQ-MGR             After breakfast all participant for today tours will       - Lunch inCoendrad/          -    ...
If you would like to know today is the 2nd day and
05       Sungailiat                                                    ...
07       Sungailiat-Pangkal   After breakfast all participant will transfer to the                                  MZ (Me...
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Bangka Belitung Paket3


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Bangka Belitung Paket3

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Bangka Belitung Paket3

  1. 1. Bangka Belitung is The new Tourist Destinations and Province Day Destination Program Accommodation Transportation s Dept Local 01 BDO-JKT Departure early morning from BDO to JKT direct to Transfer by tourist Local - All participant will By tourist bus Airport Cengkareng bus fully air- transportation will be stay in Pondok JKT-TJQ By MZ conditioning From be using mini bus Impian Hotel After arr. in Airport Tanjung Pandan all participant Bandung to Airport will direct transfer to the Pondok Impian Hotel and Cengkareng - Lunch in local getting welcome speak by our tour director and restaurant with getting refreshment to sight seeing or shopping in All Participant flight seafood menu what traditional market, before our first day touring to by MZ from you like atPribumi Tanjung Tinggi to see the scenic beauty of beaches of Cengkareng Airport Restaurant Belitung. to Tanjung Pandan. - Participants can be (don’t forget bring you camera) order fresh coconut by his/her own After lunch all participant direct transfer to Tanjung donation. Tinggi and sunbathing or swim in beautiful beaches until sunrise During tour to the location all - Dinner will participant can be see the traditional people how to prepared at Pandan making local fishing boot and see the local Bugis Laut Restaurant. villages and the way of life. - Entertainment and After sunrise all participant will transfer back to the joint the night life hotel and take rest for to night diner and in cafe or entertainment discotique. Ordinary programmed: - Special order To the participant who is fishing hobbies can be joint before one week for night local fishing in bagan departure. Extra ordinarily charging Per person around Rp.200.000.
  2. 2. 02 TJQ-MGR After breakfast all participant for today tours will - Lunch inCoendrad/ - Memperak touring to Manggar and passing to see heritage of Kampung Baru cottages. Traveling from mining at Klapa Kampit (peninggalan PT. Timah) and Restaurant TJQ to MGR will pepper land. take time around Transfer by local - Seafood barbeque 2 hours. The Before participant to Memperak will visit Dewi speed boat to the for dinner in beach distance 100 km Kwan Im temple lay stretched out on Burung Mandi island side. (If weather is from TJQ. hill. It temple was 200 years old due. clear) After visit the temple, and lose the oportunity visit - Free program in Burung Mandi Beach for take you relax and drink this island to enjoy fresh coconut water the night light in beach Lunch at Conrad/Kampung Baru Restaurant Walk around Kampung Baru, Kampung Bugis, market and Pengempangan Beach. Then back to Tanjung Pandan passing the sawit land. Departure to Memperak island and take around 2 hours by boat to this spot from Manggar seaport. Attraction. The participant can besnorkeling or diving or fishing and swimming in this nice spot of this island. Ordinary programmed: a. To the participant who is fishing hobbies can be joint for night local fishing in 03 MPK-MGR After breakfast all participant will be transfer to - All participant will Transfer by local - All participant will Manggar be stay in Pondok speed boat to the be stay in Pondok After arrival at Manggar district the participant will Impian Hotel island Impian Hotel joint city tours to Samak to see and knowing the brief histories in of Dutch colony to build mining industry - Lunch in local since 1820 oriental restaurant Return to Tanjung Pandan and today is the last day of - Dinner at local or voyage of Belitung island restaurant. Free program for you this eve. 04 TJQ-PKP After breakfast all participant will visit local market Parai Hotel is one of the ship Tourist mini bus Departure from and you can see and buy any local pastry, or jajan best hotel in Sungailiat Day 01 Tanjung Pandan pasar at Tanjung Pandan Bangka Regency Take time around 07 o’clock transfer form am and arr. at Today our program will be continue for you traveling Free entertainment sport Pangkalpinang Pangkalpinang to Pangkalpinang – Bangka. Is the newest tourist ang amusement with own around around 11 pm destination and capital city of province. Bangka donation fee Belitung. 30’ to Lunch at the hotel After arr. in Pangkalpinng seaport, all participant will Sungailiat be transfer to hotel for rejuvenating and enjoy the Dinner at the hotel. beautiful beach of Parai and take the relax and free program for you leisure
  3. 3. If you would like to know today is the 2nd day and 05 Sungailiat Tourist mini bus you are now stay at 1000 Chinese Temple Island, at day 02 Bangka Regency. - Parai After breakfast at the hotel, all participants will travel Tenggiri to city tour Beach and see the environment of government complex and residential area. After around the spot, participant - Pit Mining- will visit open pit munung Pemali and pepper plantation, next travel and visit the spot of the - Pemali Chinese village in Desa Kumut, participant can see the architecture stile, and the original the way of life - Governmen of Chinese people since Dutch colonial at Belinyu t Complex district. and (you can to know the original stories from their residential. families, how they can transmigrations from China to Bangka Island) - Pepper the tours will be continues to Pak Kak Liang Chinese plantation lake spot, before we arrive to the sport, all participant will see how fantastic of the Benteng Kuto - Chinese Panji, according the histories that wall build in 1750 Village and by Bongkap. heritage architecture Pantai Remodong to see the granite stone like a -Belinyu statue and see the sunset. - Benteng Kuto Panji - Pak Kak Liang - Pantai Remodong for sunset 06 Sungailiat – After breakfast to day will visit the heritage district of Lunch at Local Restaurant Tourist mini bus. Mentok Bangka is Mentok. During our go to Mentok we will day 03 visit Bung Karno Historical wisma. Visit of tin Hotel Parai smealder at Mentok Visit the major house at Mentok seapot Dinner at Hotel Major House Visit the Tanjung Kalian Beach and see light control restaurant. at Tanjung Kalian. Tanjung Kalian Monument of memorial Australian’s Nurse Boom by Light House at Japan. Tanjung Kalian Visit historical prison of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta. Memoriam Australian’s Nurse Visit Gunung Manumbing and see the all historic of Bung Karno when he and Hatta life so many of Wisma Ranggam histories in this place with the beautiful scenic from this mountain can to see the all beach site of Tanjung Wisma Kalian. Manumbing and the mountain view.
  4. 4. 07 Sungailiat-Pangkal After breakfast all participant will transfer to the MZ (Merpati Pinang airport flight with MZ to Jakarta. Lunch at Puncak Airline) day 04 Jakarta - Bandung After arr. at Cengkareng airport all participant will pick up by tourist bus, back to Bandung and joint Or dinner at Puncak. Ship with the hole families and you will tell the stories of you beautiful memories of Bangka- Belitung and soon Tourist Bus will be return for you next holiday to visit more exiting tourist spot. hari ke 3 versi Carmeta Ampuh (Bangka Tour 03 D / 02 N Arr. at Pelabuhan Pkl. Balam. Lunch at Pasir Padi Beach day 03 Lunch at Pasir Padi Beach Kota Mentok – PELTIM – Rumah Major Tjhin Jung Dinner at the hotel Fo – Mesjid Jami dan Kelenteng – Batu Balai Check in di Jati Manumbing Hotel Dinner di hotel Free day 04 Brekfast Breakfast Kota S. Liat, lunch di Jati Pesona Beach Lunch di Pantai Jati menikmati keindahan pantai dan berenang Pesona Pantai Matras Dinner Check in di hotel Parai Dinner Free day 05 Breakfast Menuju Pangkalpinang Lunch di Jati Wisata dan belanja oleh-oleh khas Bangka Kembali ke Pelabuhan