San Pham QNet Viet Nam - AirPure_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No Vn002907


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San Pham QNet Viet Nam - AirPure_Training Presentation 2012 by QNET - IR ID No Vn002907

  1. 1. Breathe Healthy
  2. 2. • “AirPure gives you clean and safe air” • The most advanced and unique air purification with water surface trapping and Nano-Membrane technology • Provides 99.9% pure air • Give you clean and safe air.
  3. 3. • Indoor air quality is a growing concern as modern homes are built to be airtight for energy efficiency. • Making homes more energy efficient creates dangerous side-effects; – indoor air quality suffers as the exchange of indoor and outdoor air is limited. –Indoor air pollutants get trapped inside and can build up to harmful levels.
  4. 4. • Unclean air can cause; – Respiratory problems – Infections – Bronchitis – Pneumonia – Viral infections – Irritation to the eyes, nose and throat – Reoccurrence of headaches – Nausea – Allergic reactions and – Serious long-term ailments. • The ones who suffer most because of unclean air are children.
  5. 5. • AirPure is the world’s first and only device which combines two advanced and highly-effective purification methods; – Water surface trapping – Nano-Membrane Technology. • Works in 2 purification steps.
  6. 6. • The water surface acts as a first-stage purification system. • This consists of the dual principals of water current and vacuum-creation working together. • Air coming from the inlet of AirPure is forced across water surface at a specific angle. • Impurities such as dust, smoke, and other pollutant particles are trapped in water. • A fan in AirPure will then assists in directing the air flow towards the water surface and also creates a vacuum effect. • This stage can trap pollutants up to 10 microns.
  7. 7. • This stage features the most advanced and unique air purification technology. • After the air passes through the water surface, it reaches the nanotechnology-enabled organic polymer filter media (ultra-thin membrane made up of PET). • This nano-membrane traps all remaining impurities up to 0.1 micron in size. • Result: the air coming from the outlet of AirPure is around 99.9% pure.
  8. 8. • Effectively removes particles as small as 0.1 micron! • Provides approximately 99.9% pure air. • Uses nano-membrane instead of any expensive HEPA/carbon filters, so there is no need for constant change of expensive filters • Simple, unique and user-friendly. • More environmentally-friendly because nano-membrane used is partially biodegradable • Does not use UV light that has proven negative effect on health. • Does not emit ozone that is harmful for health.
  9. 9. • Especially developed for use with AirPure. • Three uniquely formulated blends are available. • Add to the water in the water tank and let its scent diffuse gently throughout the room.