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  1. 1. Venezuela 1. What is the meaning of the word Venezuela? 2. Why is Lake Maracaibo important? In what year did it become important to the country? 3. What type of government does this country have? When did it go into effect? 4. What percentages of people live in cities? 5. What type of economy does it have 6. What type of climate can be found in the lowlands?___________________ In the mountains?_________________________________ 7. Which bodies of water touch the shores of Venezuela?_________________ 8. Where does most of the population live ?___________________________ 9. What influenced the country’s character?____________________________ 10.What natural resources are found at Margarita Island?_________________ 11.What area is called the most livable part of the country?_______________ 12.Students must attend school until what age?_______________ What natural resource helps to fund education in Venezuela?_______________ 13. What percentage of the country is literate?__________________________ 14.What is the largest city in the country?_________________
  2. 2. 15.Who is called “The Liberator” of Venezuela and most of South America?____________________________________________ 16.What are the vast majority of people in the country are called?______________________ 17. Black %__________ White %______________ Indigenous %___________ 18.What is the major religion of Venezuela_____________________________ 19. Where are most of the population center of Venezuela found?___________________________________________________