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  1. 1. Impact of English Colonization on Australia: Language & Religion Unit 10 Notes
  2. 2. Language of Australia Direct result of British colonization & expansion Australia was the final continent discovered by Europeans Aborigines had inhabited the country for centuries
  3. 3. Language 1768: Captain James Cook left England and explored & mapped parts of eastern Australia – Claimed the land for England & named it New South Wales England did not immediately colonize it…
  4. 4. Language 1788: England sent a crew to Australia to begin building prisons Earlier, England had been shipping prisoners to American colonies--no longer a choice after the American Revolution 1788-1823: New South Wales was a penal (prison) colony housing convicts and marines
  5. 5. Language 1823: British government established Australia’s first Parliament that created criminal and civil courts By 1868: more than 170,000 convicts had arrived in Australia from England – The language of the prisoners was English…
  6. 6. Language French government became interested in Australia’s west coast To keep French out, English settlers built new villages and cities as far out as possible – This spread English language to western Australia
  7. 7. Language More British immigrants entered Australia during the gold rush of the mid-1800s Thousands of Chinese immigrants arrived as well – Chinese didn’t become an important language because the English-speakers were too plentiful
  8. 8. Language When Australia gained its independence from Great Britain, the government wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get too many immigrants It allowed people from England & US to enter the country, but made rules to stop immigrants from Africa & Asia – Encouraged more English speakers to move to Australia
  9. 9. Language Today, more than 20% of Australians were born in another country – Half of Australia came from non-English speaking countries Because of Australia’s history, English is still the official language & it’s the most common language spoken
  10. 10. Religion 1788: Europeans introduced Christianity to Australia – Irish convicts were Catholic, while most others were Methodist or Anglican 1800s: European settlers brought their traditional churches to Australia--Church of England (now Anglican Church), Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, & Baptist
  11. 11. Religion Today, most Australians are Christians – Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church claim the most members Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, & Hindus combined make up less than 5% of the population