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Secrets to Successful Direct Response Copywriting


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Several business people wind up tearing their head of hair apart when trying to get a very good primary result copy writer.

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Secrets to Successful Direct Response Copywriting

  1. 1. Secrets to Successful Direct Response CopywritingDirect response copywriting is probably the most powerful but most misunderstood andwrongly used marketing tool available to the small business owner.But what it really means itdidnt work for them on that occasion. Because the truth is, a well crafted direct mail piece to agood list and containing an irresistible offer is as good as money in the bank.I personally havecreated a direct mail piece for a client which got a 57% response rate and a 46% conversion rateon a £6,000 item. Her Return on Investment.That means for every £1 she invested in the piece,including my fees, she got £36 back in her pocket. Now tell me direct response copywritingdoesnt work for small businesses!Of course, theres more to it than just having any old lettersent haphazardly to a list of people you think might want to buy your stuff.Direct Response CopywriterThe very first two things to understand are ROI and testing.The first, ROI, is important becauseyou need to make sure your marketing is at least breaking even, and preferably making a profit;although there are times you can profitably not make money on an initial mailing.Secondly,testing: dont send more than 1000 of any new mailing. Even as few as 500 is enough for you toget a good idea how its going to perform.Dont send 10,000 pieces of direct responsecopywriting in an untested mailing unless you like losing a lot of money! I talk about ROI andtesting in much more detail in my newsletter -- see below for details.So lets get on to the otherthings you need to consider before you even sit down to write your direct mail piece.Copywriting ServicesIts no good sending a letter selling pork sausages to a list of vegetarians, or condoms to a list ofnuns! Your list of existing customers is the place to start!In the example above, the one whichgave my client a 36:1 ROI, she sent it, against my advice, to a poorly chosen list... and got aZERO response rate, ZERO sales and ZERO ROI! Yes, and she blamed me... meaning she wasinstantly an ex-client.The list you choose is the most important thing in any mailing. Its thatsimple. So take your time and really think it through before you decide whom youre going tomail to.Because, believe it or not, the postal service isnt always that reliable. Mail looking like"junk" mail is neither expected nor valued.Marketing CopywriterIts too easy for the recipient to throw it out without opening it.But if your direct responsecopywriting is in a letter that looks personal, then not only will the recipient want to open it,but the postman, and any staff in the mail room are more likely to pass it on without classing it
  2. 2. as "junk".If they dont open it, they cant read it. If they dont read it... then they cant respondto it and give you money.Hand-addressing the envelope and using a live stamp go a long way togetting your direct mail advertising opened as well as delivered. But theres more you can do,too.Direct Response CopywritingAttention, Interest, Desire, Action! Write long copy rather than short copy and forge thatemotional connection.Be sure to have a proper offer, a genuine reason for them to respond toyou. Dont just say, "call us if we can help". They wont. Theres no drive, no urgency there.Itscalled direct response copywriting for a reason: its direct. Straight from you to your prospect,and the response comes right back to you if you tell them how to respond to it!Not only do youneed to make them an offer in all your direct mail, but you need to tell them exactly why, how,and when they need to respond to it! And the more ways you give them to respond, and themore urgent it is, the more responses youll get.